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Grand National triumph for author

April 7, 2013

Yesterday was a little less cold, to the extent that I did at one stage, for a very short time, unbutton my coat. It was a very short while and I was still wearing a woolly hat and gloves, and the ground is still tundra hard, but it is a start. Spring is here obviously.

To celebrate after my morning tramp around the South Downs, we went over to the very lovely estuary town of Bosham near Chichester for a pint at the Anchor Bleu. We were accompanied by Auntie Pam who, over a drink in the garden, still swathed in hats and coats, gave vent to her pet hate, the misplacement of apostrophes’. She say’s it drive’s her to distraction, especially when applied to tomatoe’s and potatoe’s so today, when she may read it, I will be particularly careful with my apostrophe’s. In fact as it is a Sunday and especially for the Reverend Jeff, I will make sure are 12 apostrophes’, just like in the bible.

After driving down to Dell Quay for a pint of Doom Bar, and it being Grand National day and the strong horse racing contingent that frequent the White Hart, it was natural that we should pop in to join in the fun, mainly because I had been conned into entering the pub sweep stake by Terribly Tall Timothy Taylor. He had laughed out loud when he saw the name of the horse that I drew, which was  Auroras Encore.  History of course now shows that it was an extremely fortunate choice, winning the best known steeplechase in the UK. The joy on my face when the winnings were handed to me by Terribly Tall was not reflected on his.

As the afternoon drew on, and the very crowded pub had thinned out a little, matters of great import were discussed in increasingly animated fashion. The euro, the situation in Cyprus, Syria and most memorably would someone failing a correspondence course to become a chiropodist be putting their foot in it?

Earlier in the day I took this picture of Arundel castle from the banks of the River Arun just to prove that we did have some sunshine.

Arundel Castle reflected in the waters of the River Arun

Arundel Castle reflected in the waters of the River Arun

Last night after failing to leave the pub, and ending up eating dinner there, where I have to say, despite its’ (!) unprepossessing restaurant interior, the chaps at Boca Nuevo served consistently high quality food, we retired early as we have a busy day ahead. As is often the case when we stage a Sunday lunch, that Nice Lady Decorator forgets who she has invited and so we do not know if we shall be 6 or 16 for lunch. As we can only seat 8, I am kind of hoping she has not been as profligate with her invitations as usual, otherwise some of us we may be eating in the garden.

After the last few days of ribald living I am quite looking forward to a fasting day tomorrow. Back to work in my kennel on Otway the Movie, the assault on the Cannes Film Festival and how best to persuade the Otway fans who are attending to become Customers of Currencies Direct. I suspect that will not be easy. It is also still royalty time. It should not be as they are all due to 30th March, but in the music business everybody and everything is often late.

This morning, before lunch, there is apparently a vintage car rally in the town, so I shall go in search of my dream car and some photos for this column.

Chris France

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  1. johnny malcomson permalink
    April 7, 2013 9:40 am

    Come on Chris it’s the Anchor Bleu and I hope you parked your car safely as it has been known for cars parked at the back of the pub to be submerged as the tide comes in.


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