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The nose has it

February 10, 2013

Itchenor is not a state one enters when irritated by an allergic reaction, but is in fact a very nice village in Sussex, close to Bosham. In search of a seaside experience, due to depressing drizzly and cold weather, and wanting to avoid the mud that comprises most rural paths at this time of year in England, we came across this pretty village yesterday morning.
Then, after several miles marching along the seafront, thirst reared its ugly but rather appealing head, so we went in search of a decent head, in other words in search of beer, normally found at a pub, and we came across a gem in the shape of the Crown and Anchor at Apuldram, a Young’s pub right on the estuary close to Chichester. As it was a Young’s pub it would have seemed churlish not to have sampled some of London’s second finest ale, indeed if one wanted to drink real beer, there was no other choice. I wanted.
One is never enough so on the way back we dropped in to the historic Murrell Arms at Barnham. The pub features a game that I have never seen before which involves swinging a ring on a long piece if string attached to the ceiling like a pendulum as my picture today nearly fails to capture. The object of the game is to swing this ring and get it to settle in the bulls nose, fixed on the wall of the pub at about head height. We stayed just for the one . Although it has the best beer in the world on sale, Fullers London Pride, the pub was rather drafty and uninteresting so it was back to Arundel to keep an eye on the 6 nations rugby.
Murrell Arms

The bulls nose is in the top left hand quarter of theis picture, under the horns!

The second dank and drizzle day in succession has already got me dreaming of getting away. I have realised that am too old to endure a full English winter anymore, and in my opinion it is very timely that we will head off for the Alps on Friday, and Meribel in particular for some skiing and lunching in the winter sunshine. My emphasis will be on lunching rather than skiing, which if I get my way will be limited to the morning. Before we go then I must have one solid week of work, including searching for new clients for Currencies Direct, honing the final details for the launch of the John Otway for an Oscar campaign, and delving back into my hip hop days to revisit the rap scene which is showing signs of a resurgence.
By the time we get back it will be just a week from March, which in recent years in the U.K Has had better weather than June. I have my sun tan cream at the ready and am waiting with bated breath. Should March fail me then I will be off to find some sunshine. With luck this week I will be able to announce the launch date for The Valbonne Monologues, but expect mid March in Valbonne, assuming those naughty pixies in the photos have been tamed. I should know by Friday at the latest.
So, what to do today, the day of rest. It is OK for the Reverend Jeff, a visit to church, a few pious thoughts, some money in the collection bowl and the rest if the day taken up with quiet contemplation, but sod that, I want to eat and drink and smoke and laugh. Given the weather and my late start, I feel a pub lunch coming on before sitting down to celebrate England’s momentous victory over Ireland in the 6 Nations rugby this afternoon. Mr O Sullivan, have your money ready,
Chris France


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  1. Patrick permalink
    February 10, 2013 7:19 pm

    Where’s the BEEF ? Too much horse in this blog !!


  2. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 11, 2013 11:52 am

    Well in between visiting church, placing a few meagre coppers in the collection box, and generally contemplating my navel, I did manage a fun packed (despite the grim weather) afternoon of racing at Newbury as my youngest Jake was leading up a horse in the first race. Sad to relate we got caught in traffic and missed it !! I failed to bankrupt the bookies but did have a great time.


  3. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 11, 2013 7:40 pm

    I’m trying their new range of meatballs as apparently there the dogs bollocks !


  4. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 11, 2013 7:43 pm

    Or even they’re the dog’s bollocks !!!!! Too much horsemeat is obviously affecting my brain …..!!


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