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The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades

January 24, 2013

Three days to get a repeat prescription? I could be dead by then. In fact before I am allowed to collect my life saving drugs, I will be abroad in France, readying myself for international music business junket MIDEM, but if the UK health service got its way I shall be without those vital drugs needed to keep my heart ticking and my blood pressure down. What an irony, my blood pressure will probably rise because I cannot get my blood pressure tablets! This is a health service? more like a health disservice. Help is at hand though, because my French doctor, Dr Ireland is happy to leave a repeat prescription in his office ready for me on Friday afternoon. So it is a fact that I can fly to France and get prescription drugs quicker than I can from my doctor in Arundel.

I expect to need those tablets. I have been asked by Peachy Butterfield, who will be collecting us from Nice airport on Friday afternoon, (well he won’t be driving that will be down to his saintly wife Suzanne as usual) if I am thirsty already, and I have to admit I am. With a grizzly day of rain and sleet greeting me after my return from the still snowy (hurrah!) South Downs this morning, I could do with some French food, wine and sunshine.

Yes, I know I am going to a Burns Night the first evening after we arrive and that I shall be forced to eat haggis, but the sun will shine, and everything will be rosy in my little world.  In fact I think I shall be needing these in the picture below,for the first time since leaving Tenerife last week, and I don’t mean the towel…(although with a kilt and … don’t go there).

towel antics

Cool shades

Dinner with northern Jewish lawyer Al Yiddley who hails from Alwoodley near Leeds is set for Saturday evening. He should be able to lower the tone of the Carlton, where tradition dictates we have a couple of the most expensive glasses of champagne on the planet before hitting the old town of Le Suquet for what he would no doubt describe as a slap up meal. I guess in the north that would normally mean a fight at the fish and chip shop.

There was talk today of The Nice Lady Decorator’s very impressive triple salko at a luncheon at the weekend. I must say when she first went down, I was really worried, but then I remembered there was some ready cooked meals in the fridge. I have not mentioned this to her, but as she hardly ever reads it nowadays, I think I will get away with it.

For last night and tonight, well last night anyway, I eschewed strong drink unless you call a virgin mary strong, and I do not. It is a necessary precaution before the onslaught, which is life in the south of France and in the tender embrace of Peachy Butterfield, gets under way. That means I had to stay in and watch TV where an impossibly good-looking John Bon Jovi was appearing on the execrable One Show on BBC 1, a favourite amongst the female contingent of my household. If that boy has not had some work done then I am a banana. He looked about 22 and must be my age or near it. Lay your hands on me, indeed. Today or rather this evening I feel I must break myself in gently, possibly with a few pints in the White Hart. Watch this space.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    January 24, 2013 11:28 am

    ‘I must say when she first went down I was really worried….!!!’

    You could try viagra.


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