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Cape Adeje trek

January 16, 2013

Did I mention the stairs? On our walk the day before yesterday to La Caleta, just as I was discovering that a taxi was not the preferred form of return transport, and in the full knowledge that the reason we were going to walk the 5 miles back was down to my stupidity. I looked at the steps.

My mistake was that I had mentioned the well-endowed naked Spanish hippy we had met on the walk over (and whom, as she was standing opposite him on the other side of his open air market stall, she had failed to realise was naked). Clearly I had made a major error of judgement and the five-mile trek was commenced to ensure that she could witness what I had witnessed, and been stupid enough to reveal.   La Caleta  is reached by way of a large buttress from which one walks down a lot of stairs. During the range of  arguments I had developed to support my fruitless case for a taxi,  I had claimed there were at least 150 of them.  This was dismissed as fanciful. In fact when it came to it there were 199. I know, I counted them and walked up them. I think I could give them all names, so etched in my memory were they.

Yesterday was worse. That Nice Lady Decorator had decided to walk to a golf club that we had seen in the hills above El Peurtito. The fact that it was at least 1000 feet above sea level, and we were staying at said sea level, did not discourage her, she was determined. What was bad was that she expected and she insisted that I accompany her. Two hours after we has left, a thousand feet higher and fried to a crisp  in the burning sun, we dragged ourselves, exhausted,  into the golf club, which had thoughtfully put its club house and bar at the farthest possible point away from where he first encountered the course.  Thus when we arrived at the edge of the course it was still 2 miles to walk to ale salvation, and an environment in which I expected would be inhabited by the type of person sufficiently well versed in the way of the world to realise the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct for their foreign exchange needs.

tenerife golf course

Cape Adeje golf course

The golf club looked splendid as my picture today may capture. An 18 hole course for men and a 9 hole course for the ladies (only joking!) looked wonderful from the raised terrace and a cold beer in hand. Next time we come here I will bring my golf shoes.

Today will be different. Firstly, we have seen the first clouds in 4 days. It was enough to obscure the sun at sun down and to make the ritual of witnessing it with a glass of cava a little less enjoyable than hitherto. Perhaps today is the day with the forecast of a 0.02% liklehood of rain. It will be different as we have decided to bite the bullet and take, I was going to say advantage, of a free resort bus to the, what I expect to be ghastly, Playa des Americas. The reason being that if we were to come again at Easter when we have foolishly promised the Sprogs a holiday, there would have to be some kind of “entertainment” for them, So if I come over a bit Essex tomorrow then you will know why.

Last night then to the buffet at the hotel, where we have had quite decent meals throughout the week so far, but execrable entertainment, and nowhere from which to escape. It is “Country Roads” or sit on the outside terrace and get cold. We sat on the terrace.

Chris France

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