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Waterfront Cafe lives up to its name

January 8, 2013

I think I am becoming delirious as yet another disgracefully grey and drizzly day, and a Monday to boot, made living in England in winter a non-starter for me for future years. Couple with that, a promise I had made to hoover out that Nice Lady decorators car after an unfortunate episode with some sand, and the fact that she insisted it was done in the main street,  outside,  after dark in the rain whilst I was grappling with the complex crap needed to file tax returns before the end of the month, and you may get a gist of the depression I was suffering.  It is enough to drive one to drink and that is exactly what it did.It was decided that the Swan Hotel would be the beneficiary of our largesse, until arriving at the bar we found that the London Pride had just expired and a new barrel could not be readied as there was only one barman on duty . A Fullers house with no London Pride? Unforgivable, so we walked a little further, up to the Kings Arms where we were successful in securing a couple of pints of the best beer in the world. It was also important to confirm the arrangements for the first sitting of the Wednesday Luncheon Club. During heated discussions on Sunday night, it was decided that the assembled party should have the inaugural steering committee luncheon at The Bridge at Amberley  this coming Wednesday, i.e. tomorrow. If this event comes together then I believe it could be herald the start of a significant luncheon movement in Arundel and its hinterland. Founder members are myself, that Nice Lady Decorator, Charlie “Pistorius” Malcomson, the landlord of the Kings Arms, his wife the lovely “Bowling” Ally, and the Wyatt Earp of Arundel, the lovely Kathryn. I think the first item on the agenda will be to expand the membership of this soon to be erstwhile gathering of the great, the good and the hungry. Second item; secure Currencies Direct sponsorship.

Tonight we do have some relief in the form of a trip to Brighton and the theatre. I have suggested we set off in good time, to make our way through the flooded countryside, and to leave sufficient time to take in a couple of pints of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord at the White Rabbit, and a spot of Thai green curry somewhere nearby, before urging Rowan Atkinson on to success in his role in Quartermains Terms at the Theatre Royal.

Back to yesterday then; I think the highlight was getting a call from Master Mariner Mundell in Valbonne bemoaning the fact that I was not there for a boys lunch yesterday in Auberge St Donat, and spelling out just how good the weather is down there in the south of France. Further depression followed when I saw on Peachy Butterfield’s Facebook a picture of his washing (clearly not washed by the big man himself, why have a dog and bark yourself? is one of his regular refrains), hanging festooned around my swimming pool whilst he was no doubt sampling some horrid rose of dubious countenance in readiness for lunch.  In the UK you would only put your washing out if you wanted to rinse it. It is all so depressing and Mr. Sarkozy is to blame.

Waterfront Cafe in Arundel

Waterfront Cafe takes things a bit too literally

I know we have a trip to Tenerife later in the week,  but that is at enormous expense and a cry for help from a sun starved near pensioner. I know you will all feel sorry for me. Just one more full day of gloom ahead, unless its is grey and damp in Tenerife in which case I shall need to be on suicide watch. My picture today was taken at high tide in Arundel just before Xmas when there was an exceptional spring tide. That is the waterside restaurant living up rather too literally to its name. On the other hand, it could be the A 27 to Brighton.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    January 8, 2013 12:56 pm

    Had my first pint of Timothy Taylor’s at the weekend. A nice pint but I still prefer a well kept Abbots. I do prefer something with a good hoppy characteristic. And no I don’t mean Skippy the bush kangaroo !!


    • January 8, 2013 2:56 pm

      Abbott is good but I find it a little flat. You need the bite of a Pride or a Landlord, or a landlord with both…


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