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Making waves before Christmas

December 17, 2012

The 4th day of the cricket match between India and England conspired to keep me from attending the singing by Carol in the Market Square in Arundel, finishing as it did after 11am, and by the time I had consumed the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs that constitutes part of the low carb diet upon which I have been placed, it was midday and that Nice Lady Shopper wanted to go to Ford Market. The reward I demanded for having to put up with yet more retail reality, was a trip to the beach in some rather nice and unaccustomed sunshine. With another very high tide, and with wonderful large waves, it was a great site as I hope my picture today depicts.

Clymping beach wave

Clymping beach in some rare sunshine under pressure from a high tide

We had taken the dogs with us. The amiable springer Max had sensibly kept a long way away from the 12 foot waves, but the idiot mutt, Banjo, the calamitous cocker, almost provided me with an early Christmas present by gleefully chasing a stone I had thrown just as a very large wave crashed onto the beach. It was a short-lived hope, as that Nice lady Decorator, whose horrible hound it is and as protector of him since he was introduced to our household against my express instructions, put a stop to my little game before the present could be delivered.

After a long hard walk in shingle, we returned to Arundel to see the high tide there and, overcome by a sudden thirst popped in to the Kings Arms for a pint of the best beer in the world; Fullers London Pride. We were in the planning phase for New Years Eve, when we have some renegades from Buckinghamshire coming to visit. Top of the list for consideration, in my opinion, is the Townhouse, probably the best restaurant in Arundel. However at £85 per head excluding wine, I suspect we may take the cheaper option of The Bay Tree, a snip at £49.95 per person.

The reason for visiting the Kings Head was to consider whether the third option was feasible. This pub has the foresight, not only to serve the best beer, but is also renowned for allowing and encouraging its customers to order a take away and eat it in the pub. They also supply cutlery, serviettes and clear up afterwards, so as an impecunious option, we wondered if the same offer applied on New Years Eve. It does. Thus there is a full range of options. I must say I would not be averse to a Lamb Jalfrezi and bismati rice for around £15, some £70 less than the Townhouse. Of course it is fanciful to suggest that I shall be involved in the decision-making process, but it is a move forward that I was involved in the planning meetings, albeit only as driver and observer. When I am eventually informed of the decision then you will be the first to know.

As Christmas is coming, I thought I would give you all a rest from outlining the benefits of using Currencies Direct when moving foreign currency, as I think by now you all know the benefits, but if you do need more information please visit my Currencies Direct website.

Today, after collecting my bike,broken by over zealous physical abuse from my nearly 60-year-old body, I shall be continuing with the final edit of my new book  The Valbonne Monologues, as I know there are many people waiting for it. That is what I believe and nothing will change my opinion that I am right.

Chris France

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