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The wetlands of the Arun

November 7, 2012

Wednesday is dustbin day in Arundel and the local refuse collection personnel are very efficient. However, we are unlucky enough to have one of the most active rubbish bin emptying entities in the world in our household. Banjo, the awful, gross, cocker spaniel, so beloved by that Nice Lady Decorator loves emptying bins. Three times yesterday he obliged by emptying the kitchen bin all over the kitchen floor. Finally, on the third occasion, he got his arse kicked, something that should have happened a long time ago and far more regularly. I had volunteered, but you know how it is.

That Nice Lady Decorator has, in the past, suggested lining the it with mustard, to act as a deterrent, but I think much more direct action is required. Sadly, I have been over ruled, but I have made some progress; rather than use mustard, I have found a large bottle of a violent looking extra hot sauce, and have arranged it strategically all around the lip and inside the rubbish bin itself. To help ensure that this treatment will be effective, I avoided eating some very succulent chicken last evening and swept these into the bin as bait. I had expected to hear a lot of doggy slobbering and shaking of head last night, but so far he has hidden his distress well, unless he likes hot sauces, which will be a bitter blow.

The final work on The Valbonne Monologues is complete, with the exception of the back cover and credits, which I shall complete today, and then its off to the printers and I can start thinking about Currencies Direct and a holiday. I have decided to have some quotes on the back of the book cover (and jacket of the hard back) and there is still time to make a submission today.

More sunshine this morning promised more than it delivered. By afternoon it was raining again, but the frosty early morning was a delight. With good weather so much less in evidence than when living in France, somehow, when you a get a nice day, well, a nice morning, you enjoy it more. We went to Clymping beach where the local council are undertaking repair of the sea defences, moving gravel from one end of the beach to the other. It looked like a major job, but upon talking to one of the drivers of the massive trucks moving gravel, it seems that this is work that is done each year and takes two months to complete. On the way over, I took this picture of the flooded fields around Arundel.

view of Arundel

The wetlands of Arundel

Today we shall be heading to London for Sprog 2’s parent’s evening, an opportunity to be humiliated by her teachers, and to spend the evening having one’s daughters shortcomings explained in minute detail. The good news is that they usually serve a decent Bordeaux and some interesting finger food to ease the pain (the fees are sufficiently exorbitant to be able to absorb the cost without flinching), and then in order to increase said discomfort, we will no doubt be taken to the cleaners the most expensive Indian restaurant so that Sprog 2 can be properly fed.

We will stay in London and dash back on Thursday morning so that nice lady decorator can do what she does best; decorate. My office (read glorified shed) is in need of plaster board and insulation, not just to keep the heat in, but to keep the noise in as well (when things go wrong) to low enough levels not to attract complaints from the neighbours.

Chris France


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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    November 7, 2012 11:11 am

    ‘I had expected to hear a lot of doggy slobbering and shaking of head last night’….

    Sounds like you got plenty of the latter which precluded your hopes for the former. You need to be nice to her all day if you expect that sort of thing…..!


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