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Logging technology

October 21, 2012

It said “sea view” on the publicity, so that is why we went. There is a pub on the coast at East Preston near Littlehampton called the Sea View which when we visited early doors yesterday offered a view of a caravan park and a drizzly English evening. This was a bit of a swizz as the only way you could see the sea was by walking down the lane. Alternatively you could have booked a room on the first floor where it would seem you do get the view but that seems an expensive option if you just want a drink overlooking the sea. However the management of the place are entirely vindicated because they served London Pride and extremely well. On the way over I spotted Ackers Logs transport proudly displaying their slogan.

ackers logs

He cuts up wood with a chainsaw. Is that there the technology comes in?

Earlier, I had spent the day eating no carbohydrates. This is because I have a problem with scales. Before you run off with the idea that I am even more reptilian that previously envisaged, let me explain. I am the lucky recipient of a new set of bathroom scales. These are designed to measure something or other on some scale or other, but I am not certain but I do know that they are wildly inaccurate but, having been denied carbs, I thought I would sneak some in the back door, so to speak, via beer. As that nice lady decorator could hardly ask me to take her to a pub and not indulge, I was able to stand my ground but I fear the worst this week.

Mr facetious argument that scales could be dealt with by the mere application of ointment was met with a steely glare, not into my eyes as normal, but at my midriff and she does have a point, so a low carb diet awaits me in the coming week.

It looks like I can get away with it today as I have business to attend to in the shape of lunch with Wild Willy Barrett who, being older than I is now not nearly as Wild as he used to be. I have heard him described recently as Mild Willy Barrett. The crucial word in the last sentence was “lunch”. Unless my order is intercepted and amended I may get away with a lunchtime infusion to stop me going dizzy. Wild has a new musical project which he sent me a few weeks ago of which I was unwise enough to enthuse over, thus lunch. I do feel that if I am to help him with thus project, as I have helped him in the past, he will listen carefully to the benefits that can be bestowed upon someone who has a tiny house in France by Currencies Direct.

He is a wonderful musician and a great character who I have known for over 40 years. I do remember that he spent a short time at Her Majesty’s pleasure in the early days due to walking into his old school, The Grange in Aylesbury, wearing a white coat and wheeling out their new colour TV’s, but I doubt we will discuss that.

It is just like the old days working with Otway and Barrett, although separately. John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett had their first hit in 1978. Who can forget “Cor Baby, That’s Really Free”? Even if they wanted to.

The final proof reading of my new book The Valbonne Monologues is taking place as I write and the production process needs to commence by the first week in November on order to be available to spoil at least some Christmas once that is finalised then I shall move forward to conform the date for the launch and more exultingly, what the launch day party in Valbonne will comprise. Sponsors that were involved in the last book launch beware, you will be given your instructions soon.

Chris France

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