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Three wise men

October 12, 2012

Luckily it rained all day yesterday so my plan of not being distracted whilst I worked on the most important literary offering Valbonne and I have ever produced has worked a treat. The most lively moment of the day was when a flight of pigeons landed on my windowsill. I am sure they were after a beak preview but my feathers were unruffled and I was able to claw my work out of sight. The new book will fly..

There was talk of some light relief last night when I briefly interrupted my workathon to take beer with local plastic surgeon Douglas “Mac The Knife” Mcgeorge who lives in this muddy frozen wasteland. He knew where decent beer is to be found and had promised to help me find some if he was able to hack his way out of work in time. It seems that he part owns the hotel where I am staying so I will be discussing a reduction in rates for two reasons; firstly because he is a mate and thus mates rates should apply and secondly I found this stool in the outside bar area this morning on my way from breakfast.  I shall be asking the question why and shall be using the threat of circulating this image widely to extract the maximum discount.

If this is gnomestool is it what mushroom sit on?

With TV unavailable for the most part this far north I have had a day off from the Tory Party Conference and the continuing revelations of accusations against Sir Jimmy Savile. Instead I have been re immersing myself in the daily lives of the idle rich in Valbonne in happier times earlier this year and reading it back I find myself exhausted by events. I must be getting old. I also feel like my sun tan is returning but I know that is an illusion brought on about by reading and writing about the sunny Cote d’Azur.

Today will be more of the same, eyes down working after early morning exercise, in the Gene Kelly style except I shall not be singing in the rain, just moaning in the rain. On the plus side a great deal has been done and I can see a few more days of unrelenting toil will see the thing finished with the result that there will be happy smiling faces in Valbonne before Christmas. Of course that will be the drink talking, nothing to do with my book. Once it is finished I shall be able to work on the details of the launch pencilled in for 17th December.

Between now and then I shall clearly need a holiday after my exertions and so the planned trip to Australia will become a vital period of rest and recouperation. I have managed to tack a few days on to the start of the trip in Bangkok, somewhere I had never previously visited so I am looking forward to lady boys and ping-pong, both apparently sights to behold in this tacky town. I have suggested to that nice lady decorator that I should be allowed a massage (as opposed to the Currencies Direct message) when in Thailand as I want to see what they mean by happy endings. If I can get away with that then I feel I will be refreshed for the cricket in Adelaide. It is part of the Golden Oldies Cricket Festival every two years and I am hoping the weather will be a little better than when I played in the last Festival in far less salubrious Harrogate.

That is all a long way in the future, late November to be more exact so in the meantime will be exposed to rain and poor weather as a matter of course whilst receiving a continuing stream of news about how nice the weather is in Valbonne from my very sensitive and caring friends and my guardian at my French house, Peachy Butterfield. You can go off people.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    October 12, 2012 11:24 am

    Like the bird puns but notice no reference to ‘turkey’………

    Enjoying the Saville saga and can’t wait for all the pubescent ‘groupies’ from the 60s 70s and 80s to come forward claiming sexual abuse after gigs. Bet loads of old rockers are shaking in their blue suede shoes. This one could run and run like the Mc Carthy witchhunt of the 50s !!


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