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Somersaults at 60

October 7, 2012

Its flat she said, referring to the Monarchs Way in Houghton Forest, you will be fine on the bike. I had stupidly mentioned that rather than walking I would go for a cycle before heading off to London. It was not flat it was gradually down hill (the story of my life) for about 3 miles, which was fine, but what went down must come up and by the time I got back to the car I was exhausted. I was also covered from top to toe in mud because guess what, my new bike does not have a mud guard and this is not dry and balmy Valbonne, thus is rain-soaked England.

To London then on the train from Arundel to catch up with John Otway before his big day. Somersaults at Sixty was the usual chaotic and funny John Otway show with what he calls The Big Band who miraculously been together for 15 years. It was a warm up for the real action, the premiere of his film today at London’s Leicester Square Odeon. Today’s picture was taken at the show and may be one of the first ever published of a man somersaulting on stage whilst still attached to his guitar. It is indeed a bit blurry but as Rolf Harris would say “Can you see what it is yet?”

John Otway in mid somersault

A man of 60 should know better

Earlier that nice lady decorator had been treated to the rarest of sights, that of ruinously expensive sprog 2 working. She has a job (yippie, she has a job!) working at a pub in Gloucester Road between her studies and I would have liked to see her in action. Use of the word action hitherto had only been applied if she stirred from the sofa for the only thing she was able to do with gusto; eating my food or drinking my drink.

My hope turned to dust however when that nice lady decorator announced as we arrived at Victoria station that despite packing every item that she possessed into her suitcase she did not have a thing to wear and promptly went shopping for two hours. Thus she eventually went to see some action whilst I went to meet up with the great man himself. That nice lady decorator arrived in the interval.

The typical Otway fan is in his 50’s, male and likes real ale. The venue, a charming theatre just off Leicester Square in the heart of Theatre land had told Otway that the did not do any real ale in their bars, but when told that the majority of the audience would go during the interval in search of a local pub that did they relented and supplied no less than 10 barrels of different beers.

Whilst partaking of a few of these at the bar after the show I asked Otway if he had any plans for today.

So his 60th birthday present to himself.  A film about himself, will premiere today in the pre-eminent cinema in the world, the iconic Odeon Leicester Square. The cinema has a giant screen to advertise its daily events and seemingly Otway’s face will be going up at around 7am this morning. He announced that he would be getting up early to see it. He is planning to appear on the famous balcony for the inevitable photo opportunity and then there is the red carpet. I shall be reporting events fully tomorrow.

Due to this hectic schedule I have found that I do not have enough time or space to talk to you about the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct, so maybe tomorrow.

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  1. October 13, 2012 5:55 pm

    Love what you are doing with the blog man!


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