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Calmer waters?

September 26, 2012

Stories and indeed videos have begun to emerge from the Bistro Rally on Monday. I have already received a number of photographs of very questionable antics from the day and expect to be able to reveal details shortly. Those of you who would like to avoid publication know the drill.

I think amongst the highlights was the ad lib rap version of “No Woman No Cry” by Blind Lemon himself, and as I write attempts are being made to upload the video clip to Youtube. Accompanied by the Wingco on guitar the most debauched behaviour took place after we had returned to port and the entire contents of the bar had been consumed. Roger The Cabin Boy had man mountainfully shouldered the immense task of ensuring a smooth flow of alcohol from fridge to thirsty revelers until everything was gone. I say everything but I think there was some egg nog left. There always is.

Before that, with all the boats tied up together in the channel between the Iles Des Lerins, and before the degeneration of events I took this picture of the sea.

The view from Iles de Lérins, a small archipelago just off the coast of Cannes

The calm after the storm before the next storm

Another contender for Bistro Rally performance of the year was the Mick Jagger impersonation by Largy, the picture of whom in this column yesterday caused some merriment.

With the weather once again not at its best, the traditional luncheon venue of the Auberge St Donat was pressed into service. Amongst the new people I encountered was a lovely Irish girl called Celine McCaullagh. Whilst showing herself over the course of quite a long lunch to be a committed wine lover she went on to assert “I am a potato hater”

This conversation came about because I mentioned that I was going to Galway for the first time this weekend with John “800 years of repression”  O Sulllivan and his more than amply endowed (sorry Lin) Baileys loving wife Jude. The conversation began to get a little heated after I innocently asked how the potato diet was going, a diet that a lot of Irish people over history seem to have followed. I think she was amused, but I asked our driver if she should check the car for bombs before set off back home.

After a siesta the Master Mariner Mundell arrived to get copies of various photos and videos taken during and after the race on Monday. These included those that had been taken by that nice lady decorator from the support vessel and our on board steward extrordinaire, man mountain Peachy Butterfield (who claimed last night to be keeping a low profile, a physical impossible feat for a man who is almost as wide as he is tall). This had the result of delaying out proposed dinner at Cafe Des Arcades, which was fortunate as another storm erupted and we were able to change venue to the Valbonnaise, the charming family run restaurant in Valbonne.

Jaded was the best description of proceedings, events the day before had taken their inevitable toll so sadly there was little of note to report. Today we fly back to what looks like similarly dismal weather in England where I shall be catching up on my duties for Currencies Direct, before heading off to Galway Bay tomorrow for the annual Oyster Festival, where we fully expect to get wet both inside and out. It will be our first ever trip to the west of Ireland which ever one with whom I have come into contact over the past few weeks who has been says is a life changing experience. We shall see.

Chris France

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