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Strictly not dancing

September 23, 2012

The idea of a support vessel for the Bistro Rally which takes place on Monday has hit choppy water.  Sea Breeze, the fantastic boat that was to take up that role, of transporting and entertaining the WAGS as the chaps wrestled L’Exocet to victory, has been blown off course by strong winds in Sardinia, where she is due next weekend. As I write frantic efforts are being made to secure an alternative. I did find a boat available as a result of a misdirected email but it is in Chichester and the owner a tad unwilling to have it flown to France in time.

Last night to the White Hart in Arundel for John The Builder’s birthday, some excellent food, courtesy of Boco Nuevo, some live music and to watch the Malcomson family dance. The three brothers that were there are immediately identifiable as they are all completely bald and almost identical. Their dancing style was also clearly a rehearsed family tradition. To ensure that their nephew, who is also completely bald and has the same dancing style and would otherwise only have been identifiable due to his age, he sported a full beard. I have a picture of John the Builder which does not fully capture his dancing style, but the chap behind him is clearly impressed as his expression shows.

John the builder, showing his skills on the dance floor

Does this need a caption?

So with the long overdue autumn rains about to begin in England, our escape to France this morning is very timely. The shorts are packed, the sun cream at the ready and I am assured that the rose will be properly chilled. I shall be chilling in the web by this evening trying to cool down rather than keep my coat on to keep warm as I was last evening. What bliss!

I believe Currencies Direct client the Master Mariner Mundell will be plotting a course to the web this evening to discuss how we are able to accommodate the WAGS during the Bistro Rally now that Sea Breeze has set sail for waters new. There is a chap beyond retirement age I know as Sir Bernard, who has a wicked smile and a penchant for ladies much younger than he who will be entering his boat in the race. He has the opposite view to the Master (who prohibits girls aboard during the race) about the make up of his crew preferring an all female cast so there may be an opportunity here, although it must be said that none of the WAGS to whom I have spoken relish the idea. He is reputed to have a very “hands on” woman management style.

A few days in France, probably our last of the year, will be followed on Thursday by a trip to Ireland. The Galway Bay Oyster Festival will take place the following weekend and we will be there. I have my Oyster card at the ready and will be expecting to drink some Guinness. I happen not to be an oyster fan but it seems that a lot of fun and frivolity is a part of this 4 day festival and having been only once to Dublin, I am keen to get wet in Ireland proper.

Then in a couple of weeks time, Otway The Movie premieres at the Odeon Leicester Square. Unless left on the cutting room floor than yours truly will feature along with that nice lady decorator, helping to tell the story of one of my oldest friends and self proclaimed rock and roll’s greatest failure John Otway. I and about 1700 co-producers (every person who has bought a ticket automatically become a co-producer) will be treated to Otway posing on that famous balcony, walking up the red carpet and the premiere of the film which is of course a story of his life.

Chris France

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  1. simonj007 permalink
    September 23, 2012 11:14 am

    Victoria has just returned from 4 glorious days in Cannes…

    Your dart down is well timed!

    Regards, Simon


  2. October 20, 2012 7:54 pm

    Excellent post! We will be linking to this great article on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.


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