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Legendary duo discovered in Arundel?

August 26, 2012

We stayed in. Jaded. It is the best word to describe how I felt yesterday. I was trying to think of the last day when I had taken no drink and believe it was early June. The combination the night before  of an evening spent sitting in the rain, a 1994 Grand Cru Chateau Julien, loud music and several months of non stop enjoying life has inevitable consequences.  I ran out of wine. Well, decent wine that is, there is still some 2011 vin de table lurking in the kitchen and I have no doubt it would have been hoovered up by Peachy Butterfield had he been here, and who we are destined to encounter on Tuesday evening in Valbonne. I have no idea who brought it or where it came from but if I could identify the culprit, then he or she would be outed in a trice.

I did not drink it of course, but only because I found a half finished Rioja Reserva which served the needs of the moment, but last night, a Saturday night please note, was spent quietly at home watching TV and considering the best approach to promote the benefits of Currencies Direct.

Earlier in the day doing a Bradley Wiggins and exploring the outer reaches of Arundel on my new bright red mountain bike, I happened across what I think was singing duo Peters and Lee.  The blind one appears to have made a miraculous recovery from blindness but the years have not been good to them as my picture shows.

Peters and Lee busking for a living? She is on the right

I wonder if they were contestants in the recent “Arundel’s Got Talent” competition? If so, I wonder if they changed their name in order not to be judged on their past musical aberrations? Whilst we watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral again, I was uncomfortably aware that the Arundel Festival was building towards its peak, the finale being fireworks at the castle tomorrow night, as I could just about hear the music on the Jubilee Stage just over the river, but with occasional torrential downpours and the memory of sitting outside in one particularly virulent storm last night to see The Tempest, the TV won.

So by Monday night, I shall be back in France and I think it will tale a day of Cote d’Azur sun to dry out. I also need to top up my tan which has faded horribly whilst I have been marooned in England. If there was a sun tanning Olympics I would be aiming for bronze.

A week will be as much time as the tax man will allow as we have half a plan to drive across to Biarritz and northern Spain on the way back as I have never been there and it is on my bucket list. Then on to Bordeaux, another area I have never before ventured, gods only country, to pack in as many bottles of the local wine as I can stuff in the Merc, which is heading back with us to England for the duration. That nice lady decorator wants also to go to the Loire Valley to collect some white wine but I have told her it is nowhere near our route. She does however know how to work Google maps on ger Ipad, so I fear my geographical red herring will be caught and butchered.

Back to today. It seems that there is a decent chance of it being sunny and dry, so, parched after a very quiet night in last night and it being a Sunday, I feel a lunch coming on. I may even venture to wherever we choose on my bike, safe in the knowledge that I can call on the services of sprog 1 to bring the car and collect us and the bikes after our exertions at cycling, eating and drinking.

Chris France

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