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Sun goes down on red wine

July 21, 2012

I was in the car on the way to play tennis at the Vignale yesterday morning, listening to Riviera Radio when suddenly during an advertising break I was exhorted to visit the queer centre. That is what it sounded like, but it may have been referring to the leather shop called the Cuir centre, but in English the message seemed clear, or queer.

Perhaps my senses were heightened by the fact that I was due to play tennis with some public school types who always seem to have predilections in that direction. In any event, despite a very dodgy forehand display from Blind Lemon Milsted, my partner for the day, we managed to secure victory on the count-back. It was not a scoring system that our opponents, Largy and his son had encountered before. They were under the impression that the match was a draw as we had won the first set and the second had been tied before the pressing engagement of lunch precluded further play. To say that he was dismayed by his introduction to the Chris France tennis scoring system, which calculates the total number of games won by either side and declaresa winner, was perhaps an understatement. It is a system that is only invoked when it suits me.

Regular readers will know that one thing I love above all others, with the exception of winning at anything I play, is to hear talk about my blog or book. So initially I was impressed when Blind Lemon Milsted told me that he was going this evening to see a friend who was an enthusiastic reader of this column. It was however a bit of a downer when he said that her visiting times had recently changed. Jealousy can be so destructive.

Last night, after more gravelling and gardening in preparation for our imminent departure, we escaped late in the evening to the Auberge de la Source where they were having a music soiree, French style. Much as I love the French, the music that they enjoy is anathema to me and so, after a pleasant meal in lovely relaxed outdoor surroundings, but with Barry White songs rather too much to the fore we adjourned to the pav for a night-cap before what was planned to be an early night.

Clouds gather for my red wine stock

The best laid plans can collapse into a heap, and so it was that we stayed in the pav until the early hours discussion I know not what with gusto and intensity. Perhaps we discussed the benefits of opening an account with Currencies Direct to take care of foreign exchange needs? I just cannot remember. I do recall the reason it got out of hand was that nice lady decorator spotting the carefully concealed bottle sof one of the few red wines she will drink, Les Pierre Plats, a cheeky little wine from near Perpignan.

This is of course a catastrophe of the highest order. Quality red wine is frankly wasted on women. There, I have said it. No doubt I shall receive howls of protest from my female followers, both of them, but facts are facts, especially if you see things from my perspective.  Anyway, the last of my stocks of this little beauty were laid to rest in an orgy of meaningless discussion.

Readers languishing in the UK will doubtless be pleased to note that the weather forecast for Vallbonne today indicates the possibility of some clouds later, something we have not seen since early June, and, even the possibility if a thunderstorm on Sunday, so in those circumstances, there is no way you will get a non swimmer like me anywhere near a boat, thus Sundays proposed trip from Antibes to Villefranche sur Mer has been err…..sunk.

Chris France

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  1. August 3, 2012 1:52 pm

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!


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