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“Strictly” for the elderly

July 6, 2012

So as I was saying yesterday, after I had been dragged away from the plethora of beauties dining in Valbonne Square on Wednesday evening, I sat down to dine with Dancing Greg Harris from Cote d’Azur Villas and his lovely wife Marion (he is clearly batting well above his average here), and Mr Clipbeard.

Again, the subject of those paintings of me (see blogs passim) became the focus for a range of insults to be hurled at my good self by a couple of public schoolboys, one of whom had just had his arse metaphorically smacked on the tennis court and had been at the receiving end of a triple dream scenario finale (too complicated to explain again, read yesterdays column). It was whilst I was deeply into this explanation in some detail of why I consider myself a successful writer, amid, it should be recorded, hoots of derision, that the ultimate proof of that unfortunate fact arrived for the defence. Two charming and obviously well read and discerning young people, came to our table and were fulsome in their praise of this column. The subsequent claims from my creatively challenged male dining partners, that this was a set up, was clearly belied by the fact that they were obviously regular readers, as they were keen to discuss many of the themes explored in this daily missive. There can now be no doubt in his mind; the grammar school oik is approaching local celebrity status for his literary offerings.

This morning there will be more tennis doubles. The MOGS are scheduled to take on Mr Clipbeard and another chap whom I cannot name (although Nick Davies, a regular tennis player may well have his phone turned off between 11am and 1pm today) as I have taken the trouble to crop his face out of my picture today.  I did not think he would benefit from being identified for obvious reasons. It was taken at Tahiti Beach in St Tropez last weekend where I think it shows a rather elderly gentleman dancing with his “neice”.

As night follows day, Friday morning tennis is always enlivened by lunch at the Auberge St Donat for the tennis post-mortem. Anthony “Dock Of The” Bay will be there for certain, as he has already reminded me several times that I have promised to buy him lunch. The reason is because of some late afternoon discussion about who was paying for a bottle of wine at the lunch featured in today’s picture, that I never quite understood. I think, however, that I may have got off lightly as a bottle of wine at Tahiti Beach costs more than twice as much as lunch (including wine) at today’s luncheon venue.

Strictly come dancing, St Tropez style

Yesterday, I was summoned by Mr Clipbeard to play golf at precisely 4 50pm. A challenge had been laid down to the MOGS to see if they could spread their success from the tennis court to the golf course. Mr Clipbeard’s partner in this 4 ball was his father, visiting for the week, but Mr Clipbeard is so wrinkly and has lost so much hair that it is difficult to know who is the older, his father certainly looked the younger. However as he is a Currencies Direct customer I may have to edit this bit out. If I don’t remember to do so, please let me know.

Sadly the Wingco was unavoidably detained elsewhere, a fact we discovered on the tee at 5.04 pm (we had built in a couple of those units of time, “Wingco”s, to counter his inevitable tardy time keeping) so a rather meaningless but nonetheless quite useful 9 holes of golf practice was undertaken, with one former public schoolboy taking the whole thing very seriously. Me? I just like to play.

Chris France

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  1. Brittany permalink
    July 19, 2012 10:27 pm

    Hi Chris,

    I was wondering if you could recommend the best restaurants in Valbonne? Any local gems?


    • July 19, 2012 10:47 pm

      Many! depends what you want. The Cafe Des Aecades is consistently good, I like Terra Rossa, which is also in the old Square, there is a very good Morrocan at the top of the old village, the Cadran Solaire nearby, even an Indian, the Kashmir in the village is good. For an ethnic lunch go to Auberge St Donat in nearby Plascassier, no choice but all inclusive for 15.50 euros, in fact we will be there for lunch tomorrow. If pushing the boat out, also in Plascassier is Lou Fassum, excellent but very expensive, despite just losing its Michelin star! enjoy!!!


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