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Dyslexia in art

June 7, 2012

I am told the drought in England is as bad as ever, but I do not want my readers in England to get the impression that all is good in the garden of the south of France. Oh no, we had some cloud again at times yesterday keeping the temperature down to a chilly 24 degrees at times, and one of my local readers, the Naked Forker (see blogs passim) has revealed that a bird shat on her arm yesterday whilst she drove along yesterday with the window down. You see it is tough down here as well, although I accept that readers in England may not understand the concept of an open window. This is seen as a lucky omen in some circles. It must have been a really good shot. For three years I have driven around all summer (that is from March to November – this for my readers in England) with the top down in the Merc and never once been lucky enough for that to happen to me.

The Auberge De La Source restaurant on the edge of Sophia Antipolis has been revamped and has reopened. I always liked it because you could get alligator and ostrich on the menu when we first moved down here some seven years ago. Its idyllic setting in the woods by a river was also very alluring so that nice lady decorator persuaded me to take her up The Source, as it were, once my tennis match was cancelled.

I say cancelled but all I received was silence and ignorance from our leader, Dancing Greg Harris from Cote d’Azur Villa Rentals.  I shall have to secure a white feather for one particular tennis pairing, well two I suppose. I confirm that the MOGS, the Wingco and I were both available to play at our regular Wednesday meeting but it seems our regular rabbits, our opponents, were not quite so available, indeed not available at all. I shall be writing a letter of protest to the committee.

Anyway, back to the Auberge De La Source. We managed to secure a couple of drinks but they only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday. The garden area has been delightfully revamped, even to the extent of the siting of some typical modern art pieces. I took this picture of one of them. As you can see it is a flawed piece as I am certain the artist was trying to evoke a sense of fair play, of ensuring that one pays ones debts, but when moulding this worthy creation perhaps more attention should have been spent on the spelling. IOU is just three letters. How is it possible to get them in the wrong order?

Art in the dyslexic world

So, hungry, we headed to the Valbonnaise, the scruffy, cheap and great fun family run restaurant in Valbonne. It was a surprise then to come across renowned caterers Adams and Adams, Kate and Andrew, eating on an adjacent table, having closed La Pomme Rouge to concentrate on their catering business. This will feature in the blog roll on the right as soon as their Currencies Direct account is opened and functioning. Andrew, you know it makes sense.

This evening an old friend, an incomprehensible Scotsman, is coming to visit. This will almost certainly involve us in staggering up to the wonderful Valbonne Square, the first port of call for a visiting tourist. I often find the French hard to understand but that is as nothing compared with the Glaswegian drawl with which we will have to contend. Luckily that nice lady interpreter spent some time up north in her youth so she will be able to relay the gist of what he says. Frankly it is all nonsense anyway.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman (With a nod to Reverend Jeff)........ permalink
    June 7, 2012 11:03 am

    What does the dyslexic agnostic with insomnia worry about at night?

    Is there actually the existence of a Dog………….


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