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Naked politician in the driving seat

May 27, 2012

With the Monaco Grand Prix taking place today many yacht owners locally are heading for Monte Carlo, but there is limited space in the harbour necessitating some owners having to park outside in the Meditteranean. This has a down side. There is a danger that if one is parked too far outside the port there may be no TV reception thus it could be a waste of time as onr would completely miss the action. This will not stop them however, prompting Peachy Butterfield who will be a guest aboard the naked politicians D5 to say that outside the port will be like Tesco’s on a Saturday only in the sea. This gives me an excuse to use a picture of the naked politician and that nice lady decorator on a trip back from St Tropez last year.

The naked politician in the normal driving position aboard D5

Last year apparently he and Peachy “enjoyed the Grand Prix” from the naked politicians apartment in Monaco. By “enjoy” I mean they could hear it but not see it. I suspect that in quite a different way this year may be the same.

To a barbecue last night in Valbonne with John “did you bring any Cigars?” and Jude “they have run out of Baileys” O Sullivan. One of the guests was an expert in fragrances and worked in the perfume industry which of course is well represented in nearby Grasse. His wife was wearing a new perfume called “Come To Me” but Peachy Butterfield who is something of an expert on perfumes said “it doesn’t smell like come to me”.

The whole evening was a splendid affair outside for the most part although the odd spot of rain from a nearby storm forced me to take shelter lest my Montechristo No 2 got rained on. Being able to smoke outside in comfortable temperatures at night is one of the wonderful things about Summer In the Cote d’Azur. That sounds like a good idea for a book title, I wonder if anyone has ever thought of that?

With good company, wonderful food, exquisite barbecued lamb and a honey glazed chicken plus a great deal of a rather good St Emilion Grand Cru lurking nearby,  I fear I peaked a little early. On a trip back from the toilet I was overcome by a bout of extreme tiredness and may have had a five-minute power sleep which may have been photographed and uploaded to Facebook.

A more sensible plan, given the arrival of house guests, The Savins, today for the rest of the week, would have been to tuck up in bed by 9am with a cup of cocoa, but the rare opportunity to smoke some of Johnny O Sullivans cigars and drink some of his wine was too much of a lure. This morning then to Nice airport, donning my crash helmet and goggles to collect the Savins and if there is not a glass of rose on the go by midday then I’m a Dutchman.

Golf will be played in this coming week and at some stage a ten euro note will be seen stuck to someone’s forehead. If I have lost, which admittedly is a very rare occurrence then this is a very childish method of celebrating victory and the inevitable wager. However when I win it seems the most gratifying of actions, thoroughly justified but only in a nice caring sort of a way.

Thus I may have little opportunity this week to collect up more customers for Currencies Direct which is why I had to distribute so many business cards last night.

Chris France

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