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Dog finds water in pool

May 25, 2012

The Wingco, having made such an embarrassing blunder, by spelling embarrassing incorrectly on an email to me, pointing out errors in grammar and syntax put forward his defence today, “a sticky keyboard”. I can just imagine what he would have said to me had I attempted to hide behind such a shoddy excuse. Regular readers will know that he is part of a coterie of public school types amongst my friends who revel in their imagined educational superiority. He has made it his job to criticise my grammar, syntax, writing style, spelling and content and on every possible occasion so with a song in my heart I shall be taking this up with him at lunch today. As he signed this particular email ‘the longest member’ I was also forced to ask if this had anything to do with the sticky keyboard. As yet I have not received an answer.

So last night then to Sophia Antipolis to see the South of France English Theatre Production of the thriller “Deathtrap” by Ira Levin at Espace Antioplis. Nice venue that it is, situated in Sophia Antipolis and with the production staged in the evening after dark means two things; few people like to drive around this incomprehensibly laid out silicone valley and anyway no one lives there, thus it is hard to attract an audience, however such is the rarity of quality theatre in the area a decent crowd turned out to see an excellent and well acted production. The second performance is tonight priced at a very reasonable 20 euro and there are still many tickets available plus the drinks are cheap!

The weather has returned to normal as my picture today reveals. Sunshine and warmth were in good supply and animals need water, we must have the largest animal water bowl in France. This picture is of Max the proper dog eschewing the nice fresh clean water put down for him to take in the chlorine laden, anti algae infested PH- controlled water from our swimming pool.

Water off a dogs back

As I write this I am uncertain as to whether tennis will occur at the Vignale this morning, but I am reasonably certain of one thing, lunch at the Auberge St Donat. I have not lunched out at all since returning from England stuffed full of Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips but have now had several days repairing the salad dodging tendencies that overcome one when in the UK so feel ready to be re-integrated back into local luncheon society.

I was going to try for a few more days of non lunching but it was when I was wavering in the face of an invitation to tennis and lunch I discovered that nice lady decorator had a lunch appointment of her own that I weakened.

Soon we will savaged once again by The Savins. House guests Peter and Janie Savin arrive in Sunday and will no doubt once again be attempting to write their names in bottles of rose. It is a bit of a question of mathematics; If you consider that the “S” in Savin takes 8 empty bottles to form, how many bottles would it take to spell their surname? This is all done in the 5 days they stay. I wonder if Janie will remember that my banana palm is a plastic fake and begin watering it again?

Reading this through (which I do contrary to some opinions) I have noticed that I have not yet mentioned the value one can obtain from opening an account with Currencies Direct when moving money abroad and have run out of space to do so. Maybe tomorrow.

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    May 25, 2012 11:48 am

    Sticky letters ? I understand the problem is even worse when using a French keyboard…….

    When my youngest was about eight he brought home a report card in which his English teacher stated …’Josh’s spelling is rather week’….she blamed the computer as well…….


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