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Dog warning on beach

April 27, 2012

Yesterday afternoon we went on a rabbit hunt. The Black Rabbit on the edge of Arundle, right on the banks of the Arun is this rather splendid riparian pub. For myself it was an entirely contemplative affair as I wanted to have a quiet philanthropic moment with my stamps considering all the good that has come about due to my involvement with Currencies Direct. I wanted to give thanks, and almost reverentially, something that I know regular reader of this column The Reverend Jeff will smile upon, thanks for a service that saves so much money for so many by so few. Winston Churchill eat your heart out.

Earlier, a thorough exploration of Arundle was undertaken. I took it upon myself to explore some of the pubs and restaurants whilst that nice lady decorator took it upon herself to view the entire unsold stock of housing in this pretty and historic village. I needed some sort of relief after daring to dip into the English beach experience for a very short time in late morning.

This was after leaving Chichester in the morning and deciding on making a most unfortunate detour to the coastal resorts of East and West Wittering. Juan Les Pins they are not and never will be. To paraphrase the editor of Private Eye, If these are desirable seaside resorts then I am a banana. Wittering is what I shall be doing about them from now on. How on earth can anyone expect me, with full knowledge that in a short hop frrom Valbonne I can park in Cannes or Juan Les Pins for free and stroll to a golden sandy and beautiful beach restaurant in the sunshine and eat a splendid lunch in comfortable surroundings surrounded by the great and the good, to pay £3.50 to park on a piece of crater strewn waste ground in a gale, lacerated by sand and spume, soaked by horizontal rain with the prospect of lunch in the shape of limp fish and chips in a crap pub without a view of the sea? Jesus, no wonder everyone with half a brain or the tiniest modicum of idea in England aspires to spend their summer seaside holidays anywhere but in England. The typical English beach experience yesterday was anathema. You may note from my picture taken from the wasteland has a sign warning that dogs are not allowed on the beach. This is a very sensible precaution for dog owners, they could catch their death of cold walking on the beach in these conditions. Come on Banjo, walkies!!

England by the sea. Sensible precautions suggested for dog owners

Arundle however has charm. The castle dominates, there are half a dozen pubs a dozen or so restaurants and a gentle relaxed style to the place so completely at odds with the Witterings. Our venue for yesterday and this evening is the Swan Hotel, a Fullers owned pub in desperate need of refurbishment which is going on as I write. I believe they finished drilling and hammering at 5pm, leaving enough time as it turned out for an uninterrupted siesta before dinner.

Then dinner, taken at La Campaglia. I am not normally at my happiest in Italian restaurants but it looked inviting so I err…surrendered to that nice lady decorators choice. Her salmon was very good and my home-made cannelloni was excellent but I let her choose the wine. I was distracted by a phone call and before I knew it she had opened the wine list and made her choice. A 2010 Bordelino? I think she thought it was a good choice because it was fresh. I struggled through it but have a headache and a sore throat this morning.

Chris France

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  1. Eva March permalink
    April 27, 2012 9:02 am

    Glad you didn’t try the night life in Wittering! You should have ventured along the coast to Brighton where Rosie and I live – you would have had a different story to tell!


  2. Pinman permalink
    April 27, 2012 9:57 am

    “A 2010 Bordelino?”

    You would have been much more satisfied by a 2012 Bordello………….but with maybe a bigger headache !.


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