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No smoke without fire

April 11, 2012

There is something innately satisfying about having a bonfire. It is almost as satisfying as securing a new client for Currencies Direct as I did today. The French of course think that a nice sunny day is a good occasion to set fire to all their garden refuse, and much more besides, whereas in England it is something undertaken on a normal dreary day but now I am hearing banned in some areas, a right that I can never see the French giving up despite the contribution to reducing the carbon footprint that such a ban would make. They are very big on their rights over here. So with the flames building nicely and the smoke rather pleasingly, as planned, wafting over to my Parisienne neighbours garden I felt a particular contentment.

Let me explain, I love a good bonfire and I have several delightful neighbours but then there is the unreasonable Parisian behind our house, He has allowed his laurel hedge to reach a height of 5 metres, reducing the natural light into the back of our house and has refused a polite request to reduce it to a mere three metres, on the basis that we make too much noise in the summer and he was using the hedge as a kind of natural noise break. When I relayed that to the nice lady decorator, it was like watching the start of a french bonfire, or more like a volcano starting to erupt. One could almost detect the smoke coming out of the ears, and I thought I smelled sulphur but that’s ongoing and quite a different issue, hence the bonfire, an activity which she had hitherto absolutely prohibited on the very reasonable grounds, that they are smelly, unpleasant and anti social but the terms of this relaxation of prohibition are that it is only to be lit when the wind takes the smoke into his garden. This has the added bonus of allowing me to eschew regular runs to the tip to dispose of our garden detritus.

Also, I cannot understand his short sightedness in rubbing her up the wrong way. If has any idea about her character then he would have agreed to my quite reasonable request, I may even have paid for it, but his refusal to discuss it is going to wreak havoc with his summer and beyond. He has not heard noise as he will hear it in the coming months. A cacophonous summer is his prospect.

Gone is any sense of control or reasonableness (not that these are traits normally associated with that nice lady decorator) and she has that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” look about her. I have employed a lawyer to secure our rights and eventually I will prevail, but in the meantime and probably long after the hedge is reduced to the maximum legal height, he will continue to reap the whirlwind that epitomises her with a sense of injustice.

To take your minds away from smoke and the rain that set in late in the day, today’s picture was taken along the Brague river earlier in the week.

Lunch today is provisionally scheduled in for Cafe Des Arcades. This will be just reward for having a day without a drink yesterday.  Yes, it happened and I have witnesses, so clearly that is a cause of celebration, one that I hope Pippa, head of Currencies Direct will feel deserved a big lunch. I have seen some interesting wines on the carte des vins at Cafe Des Arcades, I wonder if I can get them to unleash one from the cellar?

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    April 11, 2012 3:02 pm

    ‘She had absolutely prohibited on the very reasonable grounds that they are smelly, unpleasant and anti social’.

    I read on in absolute certainty that this was merely the preface to a mention of the NLDs tolerance of a certain mutt which displays similar characteristics but no I was sorely disappointed. What an opportunity wasted !

    Incidentally I do hope your neighbour doesn’t turn out to have psychopathic tendencies as these type of disputes can turn very nasty. Warring neighbours is a nightmare always best avoided by sensible people. Jaw jaw is always better than war war as many people have come to realise when it’s far too late !!


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