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The wonders of wifi

February 28, 2012

Did you know that the lifeboat in Antibes, manned by volunteers could not even attend some emergency call outs last year due to lack of funds? Given my combined status of being a confirmed non-swimmer and a happy sailor (when invitations from my pals with boats, the Naked Politician with D5 complete with big engines and patio doors and the Master Mariner Mundell with his splendid sailing boat L’Exocet) this is an outrage so I have joined a group called The Social Knights who are trying to raise funds for deserving local charities including the lifeboat details are here. The name Social Knights seems to have some resonance with my lifestyle so I felt I should do my bit although there was nothing social about last night, the first teetotal night for around a week.

On Valentines day recently That nice lady decorator sent me out to get something sexy for her. For some reason she was not impressed when I came home drunk. All right that did not really happen but its a good joke, but it is not a joke that I have discovered that the Ipad can pickup the internet in the web, out outside bar area so this is my current work space where I have been beavering away spreading the word about Currencies Direct and how much better they are for foreign exchange than the banks.

A bit lacking on filing cabinets etc, but I guess it can work...

I had occasion this morning to visit our local doctor Dr Patrick Ireland at his office (it is not grand enough to be called  surgery)on the Forum roundabout in Valbonne. He took my blood pressure and seemed quite pleased. I suggested that it was good because of my lifestyle, what with all the tennis, walking, logging and fasting. He gave me one of those sideways glances, fixed me firmly with one of his best doctorial looks and said “I have on occasions been unlucky enough to read your blog, keep taking those blood pressure tablets I have prescribed, you need them”

Talking of high blood pressure, several people have contacted me complaining about my comments yesterday about that nice lady decorator’s dog Banjo. One even wanted to administer doggy justice to me and at one stage duelling swords were mentioned. A case of a duelling Banjo over a defecating Banjo? He did it again today barking at the man who is digging some drains for us, to the extent that the operator was afraid to leave his cab. Perhaps he has some unexplained deep-seated need to be unpleasant wherever excretions are involved. Banjo I mean not the digger driver.

So, packing for the most expensive parents evening in history will be undertaken today ready for the trip to the UK and Kensington in particular where sprog 2 is taking A levels a year later than intended by having a gap year between GCSE’s and A Levels. I know that is not normal and indeed I did not find out it until she had been at an expensive private school in Mougins for two terms.From that you should be able to deduce that she had a year backsliding and what I suspect will be revealed when we get to the new school tomorrow is a similar story. What is a relief is that the weather forecast is for UK quite decent, no rain expected although no sun either.

Before that a plan has developed to go to the Valbonnaise this evening after a swift diversion into the Queens Legs for a sharpener. as yet I cannot be certain of who will be in attendance but am sure that the nice lady decorator will be issuing instructions in due course.

Chris France

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  1. Peachy permalink
    February 28, 2012 9:12 am

    I too had an (almost) tea total day yesterday and shall be in The Queen’s Legs at 6.30 …. with a RAGING thirst !


    • February 28, 2012 11:21 am

      Had a whole day off yesterday and I can feel my mouth drying up as we speak. Guinness here we come….


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