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Theatrical Valbonne

February 15, 2012

Who needs a rhetorical question? So said the email from my friend and fellow author Bill Colegrave (does Currencies Direct need to exist?). He is of course a proper author having written about his discovery of the source of the mythical Oxus River, one of the most sought after expeditionary goals in Victorian times. When ever we meet he tends to take the metaphorical high ground, not least because of his educational back ground (Oxford or Cambridge, I can never remember which) but because the subject of his book was higher above sea level than my subject, Valbonne and the antics of the daily lives of the ex pats living in the area.

With that nice lady decorator still with her feet up courtesy of a sprained ankle, I considered the possibility of testing my theory discussed yesterday of walking the horrible hound Banjo by way of rope and the Mercedes in sports mode, but the owner of that dog, that nice lady decorator, spotted me putting the rope in the car and I had to abandon my plans. The old family retainer, Max, the springer spaniel was as well behaved as ever whilst the other mutt was his usual badly behaved disobedient self as usual.

It was on this walk around the Valmasque that I took this picture looking towards the ridge at Greoliere Les Neiges which, as you can see, still retains most of the metre of snow that fell there last week. That particular ridge is from where you can sometimes see the island of Corsica looking back overhead of this shot on a clear day. A clear day is unusual not because of the air quality but due to the bonfires the French insist on lighting as soon as the sun comes out which is most days. How much extra carbon dioxide is going into the atmosphere because of this local obsession?

Greoliere Les Neiges viewed from the Valmasque Forest close to Sophia Antipolis

So last night to Valbonne for a bit of culture. First stop a champagne reception courtesy of one of the theatre production sponsors, Matt Frost from French Mortgage Xpress and thereafter to the Pre Des Arts in Valbonne for the opening night of the first production of “Barefoot In The Park”, starring Jennifer Wilson, the first by the South Of France English Theatre Company.

It is splendid to see proper English Theatre in our village and there was a substantial turnout of over 200 people who were there primarily to buy a signed copy of my book, with sales making the total 149 sales now after two more last night. shall be keeping a close eye on the best sellers list.

There is another show tonight at the same venue but by that time I shall hopefully be back at Limone across the Italian border trucking into a beer and some pasta. The production then goes on to Menton, Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Fayence but not necessarily in that order, check their website for details.

Regular readers will have heard about some rather juvenile and in some cases naked antics that occurred the last time I was in Limone, but with both sprogs in tow, determined to drive their father into the economic tundra, I suspect a little more restraint will be the order of the day. I shall be there for a few days returning Friday, so, although I hope to ensure you continue to get your daily dose of Valbonne Life which from the many comments I received last night at the play I know you all value in different ways

Chris France

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  1. Rev. Jeff permalink
    February 15, 2012 2:18 pm

    ‘It is splendid to see proper English Theatre in our village’

    Surprising lack of comment on the quality of the play itself’ !


  2. February 17, 2012 1:15 pm

    We loved the show – and bought one of Chris’s books which he kindly signed for us.

    Bravo to the English theatre group and long may they exist as we really miss good theatre here on the Riviera. We have the sun, the great food, the even greater wine, plenty of cultural events but missing the theatre so hope this carries on with great plays.

    Chris – enjoy your skiing. See you soon. Jackie


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