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Mr Clipbeard undeterred by blizzard?

February 9, 2012

I have never before run a competition on this page but today is an exception. Please study the picture below and answer 2 questions; 1/ Who is the Currencies Direct customer in the picture? and 2/ What is he doing apparently naked in a blizzard?

Another question; Why?

This poor behaviour exhibited by some of the public schoolboy idle rich on Tuesday evening has been the source of much hilarity for most of the day yesterday and last night. It was a quieter night than the night before which can only be a good thing. So, no nudity, blizzards, sledges, dodgy photos or debagging were in evidence last night (well except for the ritual and regular debagging from which I suffered once again – a regular occurrence when so many public schoolboys are gathered together in such an intimate atmosphere). It seems the rather juvenile pranksters amongst them ran out of steam. Perhaps that was in part due to the proprietor of the hotel in which we are staying in Limone, the Arracador, revealing that he has closed circuit television cameras located all around the exterior of his property and was thus aware of all the shenanigans that had taken place the night before.  Perhaps either the guilt about what they had subjected a non public schoolboy to, or the emerging realisation that the TV tapes might incriminate them had some effect? Suffice to say I think a cash for tape exchange will take place this morning and that will be an end to it.Today we will ski in what looks like being a sparkling sunny winters day until lunchtime and then leave Limone and head south with the aim to collect copious amounts of Barolo, Barbara, parmisan and olive oil on the way back to France. I shall be driving Mr Clipbeard and Mrs Clipear back to Nice to the airport just to make sure they get the plane back to England. I cannot take the risk of them staying longer as the damage to my liver and self-respect is already rather too pronounced. There are already doubts as a French Air Traffic Controllers industrial dispute is having an effect on some flights and now I hear that an inch of snow is expected at Heathrow on Friday which will doubtless be so extreme that their entire schedules will be abandoned as soon as the first snow flake is spotted.

Tickets are selling quickly for the first South Of France English Theatre production of the West End success “Barefoot In The Park” which are available from their website. There is also the small question of the party afterwards which you can attend for another 10 euros. It will also represent another chance to secure a valuable signed first edition of my book “Summer In The Cote d’Azur”.

So, assuming nothing goes wrong I will have a glorious full evening away from drinking and partying tonight but is back to the grindstone of life amongst the idle rich in Valbonne when I have lunch in Valbonne Square in my diary for Friday. It is with some new clients for Currencies Direct, anxious to save the money they have been needlessly paying their banks in charges and poor exchange rates so my clear philanthropic duty is to rescue them from this devilish scenario. Clearly then a business expense as has been the skiing trip with two clients. I do hope my accountant is taking note.

Let me finish today’s episode with a comment made by Mr Clipbeard in relation to the two french girls who were sharing a double room in the hotel where we are staying. Apparently there is an expression “plate-lickers”. This was a description that sent them, and to be fair me, to bed.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    February 9, 2012 6:15 pm

    Google research into “Apparently there is an expression “plate-lickers”.”

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    A special place for picture of people who lick plates and knives, forks and spoons.

    No dogs please, they are the wrong type of plate licker !!!!!!


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