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Baby I’m back

January 17, 2012

Whilst working in London at the weekend, selling copies of my book I received several encouraging and helpful comments and tips about what to do with any unsold items. Tony “I invented the internet” Coombs was the most inventive, sending me exact details and a map of a recycling centre near Gatwick, the implication being that perhaps sales were not going at the pace I had thought and that I may have a problem with excess baggage on the return journey. It seems closer to the truth that I have excess baggage in the supportive friends department. All I can say is that I know where you live and with your history of incoherence after a sniff of wine, retribution will come eventually actually probably rather quickly but I don’t mind how long it takes.

Talking of retribution, it was rewarding when in London (for them) for me to see my dear children, Sprog 1 and Sprog 2 at Earl’s Court. I now quite enjoy seeing them when they live abroad, mainly because they cannot follow me home and empty my house of supplies quite so readily. Whilst they were here in Valbonne over Christmas I was reminded that they are no longer babies and that I could no longer do what the parent in this picture I took at Nice airport yesterday may have done. Can you see the baby in the carry cot on the baggage return belt? I’m nearly sure I could.

Saves buying another ticket as well, and you can't hear them crying

Luckily, the winter sunshine is still firmly in place in Valbonne but I have hardly seen it, just during the lunch break from around 10.30 until 3.30, and with a mountain of work to do on Currencies Direct I was hard at it until nearly 5pm. If you work at the intensity that I do, a full day is unnecessary.

I am now a social hermit until Friday whereupon the Red Radish event which still has a few places available will engulf me but in the meantime there will be a serious attempt to repair some of the damage wrecked to my normal svelte shape by the combination of Christmas, before Christmas, my trip to Kenya, the lovely autumn, the wonderful summer, need I go on?. Action is necessary. Take yesterday for example. That nice lady decorators car 4 x 4 was loaned out last week and unfortunately sustained a puncture. She said to me “what are you going to do about that spare tyre?” I said not to worry I would pick it up today. She said “not that spare tyre, the one hanging around your waist”. Action is very definitely required so more exercise and less food and drink is on the cards, at least until Wednesday when I have my normal tennis match followed by lunch at Auberge St Donat.

Lise Davies makes contact to suggest that their wonderful house up in the hills would make a splendid venue for a wedding venue. Le Peyloubet was once owned by one of the great champagne dynasties, and now that I have mentioned it, if there was a case or two of the bubbly stiff lying around after Lise and Nick “I am younger than you think” Davies took up residence then I think I could find a space in my cellar for them.

A last minute reminder that there are still one or two slots open for sponsors of the English Theatre productions starting at the Pre Des Arts in Valbonne on 14th February. “Barefoot In The Park” starring seasoned professional Jennifer Wilson will also be performed on 15th at the same venue but the first night is party night with discounts for bulk ticket buyers.

Chris France

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