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Postman’s problem at Christmas

December 17, 2011

So to the English Book Centre to do some signing of copies of my book, “Summer In The Cote d’Azur” in time for Christmas. One potential customer was initially scared off after having a look at the content which after some consideration she described as follows; “sounds like a lot of bitching to me”, a comment which I thought was slightly harsh but fair, but to my delight she then returned and bought one for her “miserable” husband whom she thought “deserved it”. I have been encouraging reviews of the book on-line, and this is at least a review of a kind. Another review of a more ethereal kind manifested itself in the form of a power cut during proceedings which I am sure the Reverend Jeff would interpret as divine intervention.

After the maelstrom of the signing ceremony, I dropped in for coffee with Matt Frost at French Mortgage Xpress to discuss the momentous news that we have secured dates in March at the Pre Des Arts in Valbonne for a comedy improvisation show, which we hope may feature Eddie Izzard. Now we have the dates we need to secure some performers! With the news this week that quality English theatre is coming to the area, Valbonne is indeed becoming the arts centre of the Cote d’Azur.

My favourite cross word clue relates to the forthcoming festive period; postman’s problem at Christmas? How many letters? Answer; bloody millions. Given that backdrop it is perhaps not hard to sympathise with the postmen when they are on their rounds at this time of year. So with that in mind, I would not like to criticise our own postman for abandoning his motorbike in the middle of the road into Valbonne, which is the subject of my photo today.

Nice parking

Friday tends to have a traditional ring about it, that ring being the roundabout at Plascassier where the Auberge St Donat is situated. At first, I thought the excitement of the book signing, the excitement of the forthcoming theatrical performances and the excitement surrounding my appointment as marketing and promotion manager for The South Of France English Theatre, and the excitement of the comedy and improvisation dates in Valbonne would collectively conspire to send me directly to my office from the signing to plan my ever burgeoning workload which also includes my services for Currencies Direct but I was wrong. The combined persuasive powers of the Wingco, Peter “Misty” Milsted and 60’s play boy Anthony Bay was sufficient to lure me to lunch with them at our traditional Friday venue, and I am glad, because to the entertainment provided for me in the shape of the immense chagrin of the Wingco (he describes this column as “ghastly”, which by simple extension applies to the book) I sold two more copies of the book in the restaurant which I was asked to autograph at the very table where we were having lunch. Oh for the delicious irony of having a customer asking the Wingco to sign the section featuring him as happened at the launch last month. Happy days.

The weekend? half a plan to pop into Cannes today for the Christmas market, perhaps sampling a vin chaude or a glass of champagne if they have the champagne bar that was there a couple of years ago, but as yet, no engagement for this evening, as far as I am aware. This is a little worrying. I am not accustomed to a Saturday night without a social engagement, particularly as now with sales of over 110 books to my credit I am clearly a successful author.

Chris France

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