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Yellow suede shock

December 10, 2011

At the Carol Service at the church in Valbonne on Thursday, I forgot to mention that my style guru, Mr Humphrey’s was present. When I saw him in the congregation I asked if he was free and he was. His namesake in the popular TV series “Are You Being Served” was constantly subject to his sexuality being questioned, and indeed the answer was there for everyone to see. Of course any similarities between our Mr Humphreys and the rather camp shop assistant in the TV series are entirely coincidental, in fact a more heterosexual specimen in our Valbonne version I have yet to see, and that is precisely why he can get away with wearing a yellow suede jacket, although wearing that kind of item at any other time of the year than Christmas and I suspect questions might be asked even of him.

Talking of doubtful clothing choices, there was a real danger that I had left it too late to get a place in this Sundays end of year REGS golf tournament, but a quiet word with the secretary and space was found. However, I received a rather direct note from him claiming that the committee had met and come to a decision that no lime green or pink outfits being worn by any of the participants would be deemed fit for play, but as the golf get up I intend to wear (as long as it is warm enough) is not entirely lime green, I think I will get away with it.

With only barely two weeks to go until Christmas, the weather here is beautiful. I watched the hurricane force winds in the UK on TV last night and said a silent prayer as I was out walking this morning in the Valmasque forest where I took this picture.

A crisp winters morning in the Valmasque forest

Yesterday into Cannes. The beaches of Africa to the beaches of the Cote d’Azur in 3 days. It does not get much better, but once again I must reject any supposition that I am on holiday, far from it, indeed I had important decisions to make in respect of both Medina Palms and Currencies Direct in conjunction with Remax-Cannes before being able to get home in time for lunch, which frankly was a disappointment as that nice lady decorator was out for the day and had not deemed it necessary to provide lunch assuming wrongly that as it was a Friday, a traditional gathering day at Auberge St Donat, I would find a playmate with whom to have lunch. This was not the case as both the Wingco and Master Mariner Mundell have joined Peachy Butterfield and several others in the UK for a spot of Christmas shopping. Luckily my rusty culinary skills were dusted off and brought our of retirement and baked beans on toast followed by a clementine provided a perfectly balanced meal.

I suppose I must turn my own mind towards the festive present gathering looming up so this coming Monday is the date of the inaugural Christmas fair staged in Sophia Antipolis at the Drakkar building in Route Des Dolines, inspired by the lovely and stylish Cosette from the Currencies Direct office in this French version of Silicone Valley, and I will be there from 10am onwards attempting to relieve the pent-up demand for signed copies of my book .

A few people seem not to have got he message that the John Otway lecture originally scheduled for this Monday the 13th has been postponed indefinitely due to his wife’s illness. As soon as I have a date for the rescheduled treat, you will be the first to know.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    December 10, 2011 9:53 am

    “a traditional gathering day St Auberge”

    St Auberge ? Patron Saint of dipsomaniacs……..??


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