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Beach discussions a success

November 29, 2011

Also staying at Alhamra, the showcase house for Medina Palms is Ben Dopson, who despite being from up north somewhere (Southport?) is something high up at Adidas, high enough to have secured tickets for the Adidas box for myself and that nice lady decorator at Lords for England versus India  in the summer. Yesterday then as our hosts were otherwise engaged on sit meetings, after a leisurely breakfast, we all headed along Watamu beach in search of a restaurant located on the beach at which to have lunch. Ocean Sports was its name and very pleasant it was too, as I hope my first picture today reveals.

In depth discussions; How deep is the sea?

It was of course taken during a very long meeting and subsequent meticulous examination of the merits of an investment at Medina Palms. The conclusions were extremely positive, The place is amazing, by Valbonne standards incredibly cheap, wonderfully spacious and with a new International airport to open at Malindi in under 6 months, the chance for fantastic returns before land and real estate prices rocket by 25% or more in the next year. If any of you have money to park rather than leaving in the building society at 3% talk to me!!

Having arrived at the restaurant a little after midday, where one could and did order the finest fresh fish served on a shady sundeck watching the tide come in from the Indian Oceon over the white sands of Watamu for little more than £4, we left, well fed and watered at around 4pm in tuk tuks to the supermarket. Tuk tuks is the colloquial name given to those 3 wheel monstrosities made mostly by Piaggeo, which I guess must be Italian as they seldom work properly. Under the influence of a good lunch, a mohito and a large cognac to finish, a race back to the house was a racing certainty and those of my regular readers who are aware of my competitive edge will know that the very fact I am prepared to report it can leave you in no doubt as to who was the victor, although as usual modesty restrains me for confirming the result publicly. From this bonus picture today you will see that the co-winner, that nice lady decorator, had already taken her back seat driving responsibilities seriously before we had even got off the grid.

Pole position, but the eventual distance of the win was over 300 yards.

We arrived back in time for afternoon tea in the simply vast upper deck of our room, a massive covered terrace over 50 square metres square overlooking the Indian Ocean before sundowners at 5 30pm. Obviously the whole days meetings were a very valuable aid to understanding the Medina Palms project

The supermarket was an interesting experience. Nothing is paid for, a bill is delivered to the house at the end of the week. The highlight was the purchase of the one vital ingredient missing from the fantastic cooked breakfast created by the very friendly Kenyan staff, baked beans. Surprisingly, and possibly for the first time in my life, I was in agreement with a northerner Ben Dopson on this point. He did not say it, but I could tell that emboldened by the discovery of Heinz finest, he went searching for tins of tripe, black pudding, whippet and pigeon garnish but am glad to report that he was unsuccessful. At least I hope so otherwise a nasty shock may await me at breakfast this morning.

Another nasty shock that I hope to avoid would be bumping into someone who does not use Currencies Direct for their foreign exchange transaction, but at least as far as that is concerned I can help, whereas I cannot help people who were born and bred up north.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    November 29, 2011 3:34 pm

    “engaged on sit meetings, after a leisurely breakfast”

    A very moving account…………….can’t decide whether you are missing an “e”… “h”……..
    or both !


  2. December 8, 2011 6:40 pm

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