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Morning glory

November 24, 2011

Lunch then at the Auberge St Donat after an exhausting game of tennis yesterday morning in yesterdays sparkling autumn sunshine. The result is not in doubt, the MOGs (Moustachiod Old Gits) who comprise myself and the Wingco, aka Joseph Stalin won. That’s an end to it. That the Wingco objects forcefully to being compared to Stalin is the sole reason for us to continue with the comparison, a fact that I think he is gradually coming to terms with, especially after I told him that was the case. as to the tennis, it was one set all when luncheon loomed up on us was but if you look at the scores, 4-6, 6-3, tennis aficionados will have calculated that although nominally a draw, one team secured more games than the other, and thus on the count-back principle that I am proud to have established, there is a clear winning team, and by definition, a pair of losers. That I was part of that winning team might be construed as blowing ones own trumpet, but lets face it, facts are facts.

It was this theme that was discussed at lunch, at least to start with before the others got bored. The others, and by that I mean the losing team were Greg Harris from Cote d’Azur Villa Rentals and Peter “blind lemon” Milsted. I confess that this was my suggested epithet for him in deference to his ability when drunk to ad lib the blues whilst the Wingco is playing guitar, but when I  suggested this to him he said “blind drunk” would be more apt, so from now on he will be Peter “blind drunk lemon” Milsted.

I took this picture just as the sun came up this morning, bathing the valley south of Valbonne with a golden light which always looks better in real life than in photos. It’s the same with me, I always look better than any photo that has ever been taken, at least in my own mind.

The view of the early morning autumn sunshine from my house over the Val du Cubert .

Last night, Tony “I invented the internet” Coombs came round with his lovely wife Pat to try to fix my internet connection. They arrived with his own knifes and forks which indicated to me that they were expecting supper, and so a swift repast was conjured up. He had brought with him two bottles of Spitfire ale and a bottle of Pomerol. It seems that the beers were a present for me, but the wine was for him to drink. I did however sneak the smallest taster when his back was turned, and having glugged that he proceeded with admittedly a little help from yours truly, to demolish a nice 2006 St Estephe that I had liberated from my cellar . However, he will shortly become a client of Currencies Direct, it is not all bad.

Today is my last full day in France before my African odyssey starts. Nice to Heathrow tomorrow, a few pints at the Jury’s Inn on a special deal via Peter Lynn who manfully responded to my plea for help with a hotel near London’s premiere airport and was appalled that I was offered a better deal than he had ever secured. You can imagine that this did not go down too well with my Jewish friend. You would also be correct in assuming he has already taken this up with the management,

So posts may  be sporadic in the coming days as I am uncertain about just how much access to the internet I shall be able to secure from Africa, but every day but I will be trying. just ask that nice lady decorator.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    November 24, 2011 9:37 am

    “I was offered a better deal than he had ever secured”

    I just hope you are comfortable in the broom cupboard…………..


  2. Pinman permalink
    November 24, 2011 10:56 pm

    Bon voyage and return safely with lurid tales of predators and vultures…..rather like life in Valbonne really.

    Enjoy you stay at Jurys Inn, Heathrow. I am certain that all traces of the recent typhus outbreak will now have been eradicated.



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