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Taylor Made for golf

November 21, 2011

The Regs golf tournament – sponsored by Taylor Made due to a fortunate meeting with their commercial director at Lords for Test against India earlier in the year – was a success, mainly because of the sheer numbers of my book “Summer In The Cote D’Azur” which I sold, a massive and projected 7 sales.

The golf itself was crap and I don’t want to talk about it, save to say that I must have been disturbed by the media hype about my book that may have existed only in my own mind. Most of the usual suspects were present, Mick Pedley was however without his German Shooting Trousers, but still our token German, Klaus was a no-show. Sheep loving Steve Weston was also notable by his absence, but he has already purchased a book and it was obviously going to provide him with great reading material on his was to the Dominican Republic where he was holidaying, I forgive him. Anyway, the way I played, he would have fleeced me in any wager. Pauline Bull, the beautiful  former Miss England and an active REGS member not only won the ladies section but organised and directed the photo shoot for the Taylor Made management, which was the very least we could do in return for their sponsorship, one of the results of which I feature today. Her experience of appearing on TV and especially “The Generation Game” proving especially useful when dealing with the older generation which comprises most members if this golf association.

Taylor Made for Miss England

Several Currencies Direct customers where there and we even had an Australian called Bruce playing, but sadly no Sheela’s. The golf course at St Donat had largely recovered from the deluge of ten days ago with the exception of the bunkers, many of which were still yet to be repaired after the storm, and perhaps another reason Klaus the German could not make it.

Serious preparations are being made now for my trip to Kenya as we leave on Friday. Now that the world has become aware that I have endorsed the wonderful development at Medina Palms, it has been featured as one of the top 10 overseas developments in Country Life magazine this month and in the Daily Telegraph at the weekend, so if anyone wants to park some of their money in a fabulous destination with great returns, I am in a position of broker an exceptional deal as there are still a few beach houses left.

Today I must once again engage in the joys of emptying the trailer at the local tip in Valbonne. Every time I empty the trailer that nice lady decorator fills it up again. There is thus, in my opinion, nothing to gained from emptying it, but that request to empty it which is accompanied by that laser beam eye expression changes everything. I did have the temerity to think that if I left it full all the time then it could just stay in position and that she could no longer pile stuff in it, but this thought did not reach my mouth. I am of course at the very least a coward of the highest order.

The reason for the late posting of this column, which of course brightens up many a sad day is that due to the new floor I have in my kennel office, it took me most of the morning to put everything back together, and the only thing that would not work was the internet connection, thus todays gem has been constructed largely on my blackberry amid curses about leaving my things alone, but only after she had gone out…

Chris France

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