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Snow on them there hills

November 16, 2011

The beautiful deputy mayor did not stand a chance. Losing her voice on the day she was taking a meeting with myself and Matt Frost of French Mortgage Xpress ensured that she did not get a word in edge ways. Suffice to say that she did not put up one word of objection to our proposals, and some exciting possibilities will emerge in the coming months that may involve some leading lights of modern British comedy coming to Valbonne. Watch this space.

The days work done, we headed to the Vignale Tennis Club in the late morning for a doubles tennis match conceived over a few drinks on Sunday, and despite myself and Master Mariner Mundell sailing to victory, there seemed to be some dispute about who won. 4-6, 6-1, although being nominally a draw at one set each was in fact a victory for us on the count back. That it was not seen that way by the losing pairing, the Wingco and Mr Frost, is a matter of some regret for me, but I am sure I will get over it, as must they.

The traditional lunch at Auberge St Donat is now such an entrenched habit that there was not even a discussion, we went straight there, us to bask in a victorious glow, them to sulk in the shadows of defeat. Good shadows were also in full view yesterday where I took this picture on my morning cycle ride (yes, it has come to that to deal with a slight expanding of the waistline). I had considered the gym, but when I asked the fitness trainer which machine I should use in order to regain my allure to the opposite sex, he suggested an ATM machine. The photo was taken from the Peyrebelle area of Valbonne looking from Valbonne up towards the Southern Alps and shows the first snows of winter well established, ensuring I think a timely opening of the higher ski resorts in a couple of weeks.

The first snows

Promotion of my book took up much of thee afternoon, at least it took a great deal of thought, which I thought was best undertaken with my eyes closed whilst swaying in the hammock in the sunshine. I find I do some of my best thinking there, even although I often cannot remember what it was I thought. A press release was prepared later on and is now ready to tear into the literary maelstrom which will become my natural spiritual home in the future.

One thought that I do remember is that it is now only 10 days before I set off for Africa, and I must consider what to pack. I must also consider who might be the best provider of some local currency, and whilst Currencies Direct would certainly be the best bet if I had a bank account in Kenya, they are less inclined to deal in cash. Apparently it is not allowed because of some irksome money laundering regulations.

Before that, on this Saturday coming is the rearranged REGS golf tournament, washed out a few weeks ago and at St Donat for which I have arranged Taylor Made sponsorship, but until then I once again plan to eschew strong drink. If I make it until Saturday it will be the longest spell of temperance I have undertaken for about seven years, so the chances are not good. I think I said once last year that as far as the attempted avoidance of alcohol goes I had set the metaphorical bar too high, when I needed to set the actual bar too high to give a decent chance of making it to the weekend.

Chris France

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