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Pieces of eight?

November 1, 2011

If anyone before today had suggested that the nice lady decorator had the look of a pirate, I would have had to fight them. However, after managing to stick a plant into her eye yesterday and her now sporting the resultant eye patch, her piratical nature is evident for all to see. Any suggestions concerning parrots on shoulders will be dealt with summarily, if she ever gets to hear them, despite summer being over.

I thought she said “pieces of eight” when discussing the seating plan for my book launch next Monday, but it turns out that what she was saying was “places for eight” an entirely different concept, and one that illustrated by attempting to give me a black eye when I mentioned it. It was a mistake anyone could have made. She really get her hook into me. Anyway she amused herself last night by watching half of Midsummer Murders, the left half.

Perhaps it was apt that yesterday was Halloween. She did not stand out quite as much given the attire much in evidence, a great deal of black, perhaps that was why she was trying to give me the black eye?

Sunday evening at a quiet dinner with Master Mariner Mundell and the lovely Zillah, “the sailing one” discovered on my phone a number of photos taken after the rugby, when things got a bit out of hand at my house. He was particularly keen on this one and I must admit it is rather intimate and touching? Although who is doing more of the touching is something I do not want to delve into as you will see from the picture below. The Master mariner has a touch of the pirate about him, claiming that he was going to sail into Cannes this week to lunch despite the G20 summit meaning the whole town is just about locked down. He has  a scheme in mind that I cannot reveal but from what I recollect it involves flares, fertiliser orders, men overboard and a three-pronged RIB attack on Cannes harbour. However, I am reasonably certain he awoke this morning and imagines it was all a dream. I certainly hope so, but I will go and visit him in prison if he goes through with it.

Two older chaps who should know better having a cuddle on our living room floor.

So with that piratical nice lady decorator incapacitated, it is my solemn duty to fly to England alone now today and hold the fort, which means I will have to drink twice as much beer to keep the UK economy growing, vital if the exchange rate is going to hold up, which is uncertain despite my having an account and the inside track with Currencies Direct

So Guildford in November beckons. What a prospect? At least I will get to see one of my expensive children, who will no doubt tap his old dad up for a few quid if he gets the chance. There will not even be enough time to meet up with Mr Otway to discuss the literary lunch lecture he will be giving on December 12th (reservations going fast) at the Auberge Provencal in Valbonne under the auspices of The English Book Centre in Valbonne.

I do however have an appointment with Mr Clipboard for lunch tomorrow who now resides in Surrey where he has developed a very organised side, completely at odds with his persona when he lived here. I blame the weather. It is a short trip, I shall be winging my way back to Nice tomorrow evening, wet and bedraggled and full of London Pride if I get my way.

Chris France

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  1. November 1, 2011 2:20 pm

    I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please churning hold the contents. It is very entertaining.


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