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Rock god omnipotent

October 27, 2011

Did I forget to mention that during the deluge on Tuesday and the emergency decamping of the meeting about the book launch to The Auberge Provencal that after lunch we were invited back to Roly and Leslie Bufton’s hilltop palace to avoid floating off into Valbonne? They were also in the restaurant celebrating a wedding anniversary, but they did not mention if it was theirs or not, however, the invitation to drink champagne and watch the rains was too much for that nice lady decorator to refuse, and I have to say she did not care whose anniversary it was in any event, if champagne is on offer then she will be there and it is my duty to follow.

I say decamped, and I hope I will not be misinterpreted here or should I be saying Mr interpreted?) but there was no sign of Mr Humphrey’s, so perhaps he will have decamped to Cafe Latin in time for church on Friday.

My picture today was taken at the impromptu bash at our house after the rugby last weekend. On the right the Wingco is in normal guitar posturing position, but who is that brunette beauty on his right? Obviously she is alluring and raised his temperature sufficiently for him to be seen cavorting on the floor in a most unseemly manner later in the afternoon. I had considered her very attractive myself at first, but my ardour waned somewhat after she took up with the Wingco in a most unladylike, one may even say groupie-like manner. He truly is a rock and roll giant and I salute him. His far more beautiful wife was, I think it is fair to say, slightly less amused, but as she has married a rock and roll god she must have seen this kind of thing before.

Tuck your shirt in boy

It is a rare day when there are no social engagements in the dairy and today is one. You may think that after the social maelstrom that was summer in the cote d’azur (sounds like a good title for a book?) that a couple of days rest and recouperation might be welcomed by that nice lady decorator as it is by me, but  detected signs of restiveness in her early this morning and have now just been informed that she is going out to lunch.  Obviously she just forgot to invite me. That is how I wish to interpret it, I have managed to put the girly shrieks of laughter on the phone this morning out of my mind as i am sure she has a very boring girly lunch to look forward to. She did not think that i may have like d to go to a girly lunch, how thoughtless.  I have thus had to instigate a lunch for tomorrow, but guess what? who will insist she goes too?

Today I must journey into the village to pow wow with the omnipotent one, Lin from the English Book Centre, Currencies Direct customer, the titular head of the Valbonne Literary Society that I am trying to bring down to my intellectual level. We are close to confirming that the next stage of dumbing down process that I have instigated and Lin has surprisingly welcomed with open arms is likely to involve a very funny lecture on how not to succeed in the music business. Who better to present such a thing than John Otway, pop star, TV star, musician (after a fashion) and songwriter? The provisional date is 12th December, so watch this space. John will of course be a special guest at my book launch on 7th November at the Auberge Provencal, which is now completely sold out.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    October 27, 2011 10:36 am

    “no social engagements in the dairy”

    Deeply offended that coffee with me is not worthy of a mention in the diary, but I am coming anyway !


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