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Temperance temporary

October 22, 2011

So the first hurdle to a few days of abstinence, indeed attempted temperance leading up to the rugby on Sunday was mounted and successfully negotiated, no lunch out for either of us yesterday, instead a meagre and rather worryingly healthy salad, but with the return of the prodigal daughter or more likely profligate daughter for half term yesterday evening, from possibly the most expensive education ever known to man, that nice lady decorator agreed to take her to the Queens Legs to meet up with friends she has not seen for months. This I could see the jaws of temptation in the form of an open ditch protecting the hurdle (is this taking the hurdle analogy a jump too far?) open up in front of me.

You know what happened, we went to the Queens Legs for a pint as well. Just the two though and then back to, I think the word is “enjoy” that nice lady decorators cooking. I received a cryptic comment from Peter Lynn today wondering if the nice lady decorator had any comment to make about yesterdays photo, but she did not because she did not see it. The same will be true today, she will not read today’s episode, so once again I am safe until when possibly she sees it in the inevitable second book, whereupon I am more likely to be in trouble.
So we will shortly have the paperback version of my book, “Summer In The Cote d’Azur” to compliment the Kindle version already available, so any guesses at the title of the second book? Does “Winter In the Cote d’Azur surprise you? There will be a number of literary minds out there that, if they get a whiff of my intention to (self) publish a second volume, will have their heads in their hands. But I have worse news still; the seasons of spring and autumn may suffer the same treatment given time.

With the onset of chillier weather, I have had to revert to long trousers twice in the last few days, I have searched the picture banks for something harping back to summer. Today’s photo was taken a couple of weeks ago on the beach at St Tropez.

A beach arcade just outside Cinquante Cinq in St Tropez

Today will also feature a similar attempt to avoid string drink in preparation for the Rugby World Cup final. The plan was to slope up to The Source Restaurant on the way up to Le Rouret from Opio and watch it there, followed by lunch, but it seems that the game may commence at 8 30 rather than the 10.00 we had been lead to believe so that will leave a large gap between the game and lunch, so I expect things could change. Also I am not certain I would enjoy the French commentary which will undoubtedly detract from the game itself.

Today is set to be a gardening day. Maintenance of the outside areas as summer departs is vital and I have in mind rigorous testing of the hammock and garden equipment such as the sun loungers to ensure that the have survived the summer in good condition. I could kill two birds with one stone; checking the condition of the garden facilities whilst thinking how best to get the message over about Currencies Direct to those myriad of local ex pats who are still using their banks to move foreign currency and paying a handsome premium into the bargain, however I suspect that nice lady decorator has something rather less pleasing in mind, like real gardening which apparently involves cutting and lopping, clearing a sweeping, all rather irksome activities if you ask me. I can feel the usual defence of a bad back looming.

Chris France

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