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Fish and strip?

October 17, 2011

Who was it locally who recently described the Yoga courses in Valbonne run by the lovely Faye as “fanny stretching” with Davina? Someone who also correctly describes himself as not the sharpest knife in the drawer…answers on a postcard to “Peachy Butterfield” competition…..

As many who have been pilloried in this column can testify, my blackberry is always at the ready to record moments of stupidity or to remind me of something that has amused me during the course of the day or more often the evening. However, this often means that I have a lot of what turn out the next morning to be incomprehensible notes which I then have to attempt to decipher when writing this daily treat. Today is no exception, unless you have any other ideas, the note that says “fish and strip” can only relate to someone with an idea of combining a fish and chip restaurant with a strip club, however I know not who, or I am not prepared to say. I also have a note saying “slots of fun in Cleethorpes” which I think referred to the name of a penny arcade, but it may have been a brothel in the frozen north. The relevance? No idea.

I wonder who will be able to see through the cunning disguise worn by today’s mystery guest, which has clearly obscured his or her identity…

Guess who? That spoon is a great disguise

Bloody mary’s were the order of the day yesterday morning after a greasy fry up to celebrate New Zealand rugby victory, and then an afternoon nap in the sunshine to dream of new customers for the services of Currencies Direct and sundry other activities that will take up my time in the coming week.

Otway The Movie will be taking precedence this week as I fight the BBC and sundry other programme rights holders for the rights to use vital TV clips that will be needed for our failed rock and roll hero’s hopes of making a decent movie before the premiere on October 7th 2012 at the Leicester Square Odeon. This cast and crew only screening will be for the biggest number of co producers of a film in history. 1700 tickets are now for sale, and each one entitles the buyer to be listed on the credits as a co-producer. It seems likely that the film will have credits lasting longer than the action. Mr John Otway himself will be in Valbonne on 7th November for the launch of the paperback version of my book “Summer In The Cote d’Azur”, and will no doubt take the opportunity to promote his film at the same time. Thereafter I suggest he gets on with making his film.

Tuesday is of course Mr Clipboard day, tennis followed by lunch at the Auberge St Donat so today will be a traditional recovery day before the next onslaught, unless we get an invitation to socialise this evening. It is well known that the nice lady decorator will attend the opening of an envelope so I live in hope that no invitation is received, as my opinion on whether we should attend or not appears to be irrelevant.

My reward for a hellishly busy early part of the week (work, Mr Clipboard, golf, tennis) may be the final camping experience of the year. Agay, on the coast between Theoule Sur Mer and St Raphael is a pretty spot with a campsite right on the beach, so if the weather holds we will provision Bluebell the VW camper and set off for the sea side for a day or two.

Chris France

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