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Away in a danger

September 23, 2011

Being in Cannes in the late summer sunshine for important business has its rewards. The thing I love the most is the shorts skirts and low-cut tops, but I must admit they do make me look a bit gay. I was in Cannes to meet my old pal Vincent Gence who is now a senior manager at HSBC Premier in Cannes, the biggest branch outside Paris, and his English is perfect, so if you ever need a friendly neighbourhood bank manager who can speak proper English and without bullshit, email him:

So after the rigours of Cannes, and a slightly thick head after the tennis dinner on Wednesday night, I settled down in the hammock to write today’s exciting episode and was reminded of some uproarious conversations we had over dinner at Capricio in Chateauneuf (as opposed to the Caprice) about creating some recordings for Itunes in time for the Christmas market. Christmas carols are an obvious starting point but when trying to decide which ones to record, we began throwing ideas around for the title of the album. When considering how daring it would be for anyone in their right mind to purchase such an item, various titles were suggested, most of which I have forgotten (they say a clear conscience is the sign of a lapsed memory) but of the ones I remember I think my favourite was “Away In a Danger”.

My picture today was taken yesterday in Cannes on my way back to the station after lunch and I hope shows all my friends back in the UK (if I have any left) that we too have it tough down here. Can you see how hot it is? oh for some cooler weather.

I hope that are all wearing lots of sun tan cream

The International Club Of The Riviera golf tournament takes place on Saturday at the Victoria Golf Course in Valbonne, after which lunch will be served, and guess which part of that particular event that nice lady decorator has volunteered for? Thereafter I must prepare for lunch on Sunday with the redoubtable Peachy Butterfield, who, having just returned from dreary dank England, will not doubt have some northern culinary delights that he has smuggled past the dogs at customs with which to amuse us. Perhaps pigeon burgers or whippet waffles? Maybe some tripe terrine or ferret fudge? One thing I do know is that there is likely to be some Chateau Gloria supplied by Mr Howes who is also rumoured to be attending, and I plan to ensure that Peachy does not get his hands or rather his northern jowls anywhere near it. I shall guide him towards his own fine wine selection, emanating mostly from the Worksop area. I shall go now and prepare my crash helmet and goggles ready for this onslaught.

An invitation to go to St Tropez for a couple of days next week is received from Wayne Brown from FR2day and the lovely Lucy from Red Radish and we are minded to accept, especially with London looming later next week. It is the perfect time of year to go to St Trop, so I feel we may be tempted, perhaps even in Bluebell.

So tireless toil will continue today when I must organise some clearances for old pal John Otway. He is flying back from the UK with us on his birthday, Sunday 2nd October and I have promised to have done something by then, and there is also the ongoing question about my work with Currencies Direct. Not a question mark about it you understand, just the questionable nature of my effort with the weekend approaching fast.

Chris France

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  1. Pinman permalink
    September 23, 2011 10:26 am

    ” I must organise dome clearances for old pal John Otway ”

    As your own “dome” is never clear, how the hell can you be expected to perform a miracle on John……??


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