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Salty sea dogs, a kind of burger?

September 19, 2011

As Mr Humphrey’s (he was free) said on Facebook yesterday, we have been waiting for months for some rain, now its here I don’t like it. Today however, the riviera weather is back to normal, bright and sunny and so let the rally begin. The Bistro Rally, now in its ninth year will for the first time be paying host to a soon to be famous author, myself. Starting at 10am sharp, (or 9am sharp as the wingco, the man without a watch has been told) l’Exocet will float out of harbour, crewed by a team of salty sea dogs on the way to the Isle des Lerins, a full 3 miles away, where we shall tie up, exhausted by the crossing under sail and enjoy a relaxing drink or two just to unwind. The flotilla of WAG support craft have apparently readied themselves with pom-pom outfits and a colour coordinated salute for the brave sailors who will undertake this difficult enterprise, and we have been promised food and drink aplenty once we arrive. I fully intend to act like any hardened sailor returning to port for the first time in ages and enjoy the firm ground beneath my feet and the charms of the local female population. At least that was what I dreamed, I will let you know tomorrow how close to reality it was.

My picture today was taken in the pretty streets of Castellane before the deluge started in early evening on Saturday.  If you look closely you can see the building in the middle bulging somewhat and I know exactly how that feels, however, I now have an excuse; I am in training for my prospective employment as a male model for Marina Kulik’s painting classes, indeed I had a message yesterday to say to prepare for the call.

An early example of urban sprawl?

It is not yet confirmed, but I urge all of you to keep lunchtime on Halloween open for a major literary launch announcement in Valbonne and news of the author himself rising to speak for the first time in his career. For the less bright amongst you, or indeed the blond contingent, that is the 31st October. More news and confirmation by mid-week.

So how will I spend the coming week amongst the idle rich of Valbonne? the answer is I don’t really know. Clearly promotion activities for my book Summer In The Cote d’Azur will be to the fore but I must not neglect my duties in other areas, such as with Currencies Direct as there are still many unfortunates out there, even amongst my own coterie of friends and associates who are leaking money to their banks for every foreign exchange transaction they make, thus I must attempt to be vigilant for them. Then there is that wonderful investment opportunity that is Medina Palms and also my work with John Otway and his movie and on the forthcoming documentary about the legendary Gene Clark from the Byrds. All in all then, an intensive and fulfilling week of solid work lies ahead. Even today, whilst some may think that I shall be aboard the boat for personal gratification, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed the captain of the boat himself is a client and, I may add, a shining example of what a client should be, rewarding the chap who saved him money in a rather splendid way. No, I shall be seeking new customers wherever they may be, so in answer to your unasked question, yes, I do consider today to be a working one.

Chris France

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  1. September 19, 2011 12:41 pm

    Chris France…………..Midas or Mad-Ass ??

    Since joining Currencies Direct the pound has plumbed a nadir of depth…since promoting Medina Qualms, Somali pirates are ravaging the Kenyan coast!
    Now you are an author (sic), does this herald the return of book burning in the streets ??


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