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Faces at Hurtwood Park

July 24, 2011

I had forgotten about the glories of public transport in England. That, or more likely I had blocked it out of my mind as it is horrible to contemplate. Dirty stations, crowded and uncomfortable trains, stair cases rather than escalators ensuring the dragging of suitcases around is as difficult as possible. Of course when in England, one must be properly equipped clothing wise, so the wind cheater, duffel coat, fur-lined jacket (definitely required for when we venture close to the arctic circle later in the week) and waders are required items that simply must be included in ones packed items, thus the suitcases are necessarily the weight of a large gold ingot . Last week whilst camping in France and Spain, a few T-shirts and a couple of pairs of shorts are pretty much all one needed, but hey ho, the English weather.

So to Guildford by train to meet Mr Clipboard, have lunch and then accompanying us to see The Faces and some polo. Mr Clipboard required us to be at Guildford station at 12.30 sharp, well its always sharp with him, so we were surprised that he was a full wingco late for the rendez-vous (a wingco is a unit of time by which the wingco is always late for tennis, and spans seven minutes) and were able to give him a very satisfying telling off for being so retard.

So with the weather looking typical, we decided instead to go to the pub, eat food and drink beer and just go and see the Faces rather than risk being rained on in a polo field. Dinner at the Oswald in Cranleigh was a little rushed, again because of a time keeping aberration by Mr Clipboard, but we got to a rather smaller crowd at Hurtwood Park than we had expected, maybe around 2000.

A slightly lack lustre start to the show was enhanced by the lighting man and sound man clearly being asleep, and at first I thought the low mix of Mick Hucknells vocals was a godsend, but later, at least the sound man started to hear that something was wrong (a fact noticed by almost everyone else in the crowd) and the show improved, with Ronnie Wood on sparkling form, dedicating the show to the late Amy Winehouse who died on Saturday. The high spots were their versions of “Tin Soldier” and “All Or Nothing”, and with Kenny Jones and Ian Mclagan the only two surviving Small Faces on stage, it was as close to a reformation of that iconic 60’s group that you could get.

The Faces at Hurtwood Park

Today we are to be treated to lunch at Clipboard Towers, a small 50 acre holding nestling near the M3 and M25 intersection, where no doubt I will swap stories with Mr Clipboard of work (although largely an alien concept to him, although he was once an estate agent, but I do not consider that to be a proper job) but will not go into detail about my work for Currencies Direct as I am on vacation and committed not to mention it in this column.

Then later today to Buckinghamshire, an outer staging post on the very edge of comparative civilisation for a couple of days acclimatisation before the big push up north. I hear on Facebook from Peachy Butterfield that the rain is horizontal up in Chester, but at least it is rain, not snow, so he must be pleased, although this will spawn a plague of midges from the softening permafrost encrusted tundra, but I think the locals quite like this particular infestation,as I believe they enjoy the sport that fly swatting must provide. I do like to encourage them to take some exercise from time to time, just to stir some of their fat laden veins, manifested by the suet puddings and lard which are part of their staple diet.

Chris France

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  1. Julie permalink
    July 25, 2011 8:35 am

    Now you may weather knock….but I am quite severely sunburned having read your blog saying weather was typically english, knowing typically English weather was unlikely to burn me I took no precautions. However the weather turned out to be not typically English yesterday and today I sit at my desk resembling a lobster! And what is more the cricket wasn’t typically English although it did look like it was going to be at one point. Lets hope we don’t typically grab defeat from the jaws of victory although this time it does look highly unlikely!


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