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Duck sur Prize

March 21, 2011

Ireland has had a terrible time over the past few years, so my decision to have a word with Valbonne resident Will Johnson, brother of Martin, England’s rugby coach, to ask him to get the English team to ease up yesterday in the match against Ireland was a generous and selfless gesture. England of course won the bigger prize, the 6 Nations tournament, so in that context, beating Ireland yesterday may have been viewed as a little selfish, and when one witnesses the uncorked joy of their inhabitants for something to go right in their country, then one knows the correct decision was made. To help further the repairing process for a Nation in tatters, I indulged the locals by agreeing with them that their rugby team was the best in the world, although I did not bring up England’s winning of the European trophy, as to do so may have removed some of the elan from their happy smiling faces.

Further, to join in this touching and joyous celebration, we went to a belated St Patrick’s Day celebration organised by the International Club of the Riviera at the Scandinavian Terrace on the Croisette in Cannes yesterday. Amongst those attending were the lovely Jude O Sullivan who entered the raffle solely because there was a 2 litre bottle of Bailey as one of the prizes. Sadly, all she won was a duck, as my picture below shows.

Jude O Sullivan very happy with her duck prize

This prize was clearly very special, and worth every single Euro of the 10 Euros cost of the raffle tickets. As all proceeds were going to a charity, that can be the only reason why a prize like this can be acceptable. I imagine there must have been an appeal for prizes for the raffle that I did not receive, otherwise I could have divested myself of loads of clutter from around the house to offer as prizes. My old slippers come to mind, as do those broken garden shears and that candle that won’t light. The Scandinavian Terrace is a very agreeable venue for warm Sunday in the spring, with a view across the Croisette on the beach at Cannes, just one piece of irksome Health and Safety nonsense, no bottles allowed on the terrace. What do they think we would do with them? Lob them over the hedge at the sunday crowds thronging the promenade? It cannot be French owned, such a ridiculous regulation would never be considered by the locals.

As interesting aspect of this celebration was the provision of an Irish buffet, including Irish stew, black pudding and potato cakes, maybe it was this the Health and safety chappies were worried would rain don on passers-by?

The Riviera Comedy Club reopens Monday 28th March at Morrison’s Irish pub in Cannes and then Tuesday 29th March at the Hop Pole, the Irish pub in Antibes with a show featuring Junior Simpson from The Real Macoy TV show and others. Interestingly they are now doing early and late shows starting at 8 and 10 respectively. I shall probably attend one or the other, assuming the normal complimentary tickets are couriered across pronto as usual.Today I must forsake the warm spring sunshine of the Cote d’Azur to fly to dreary old London to ensure the wheels of industry do not come to a shuddering halt. My presence is often required at times of world uncertainty as I believe it seen as essential that my figure is seen bestriding the city occasionally. That and I have some business to conduct with Currencies Direct. Well that, and I need to get some new shoes and clothes.

Chris France

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