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Hurricane Scott blows in

March 10, 2011

“Is your pav open”? The dulcet tones of famous party animal Rupert Scott asked at 5 30pm on Tuesday. It was. He was referring to the Thai style pavilion in our garden, by the pool, a great party place. It nearly always is open for a social occasion, but this time it was readied for pre dinner drinks with barely 10 minutes warning before the maelstrom hit, those plans for a bit of telly and an early night having been erased in an instant.

Yesterday’s column was written before we got the call, when I was contemplating a quiet night in, which, if you know Rupert and his delectable wife Sophie, and they are in town, you will realise is a fleeting concept. I was in no fit state to update it either Tuesday night or indeed yesterday morning.

Their house in Plascassier, where Edith Piaf died, is a magnificent dwelling, but has little furniture as it is for sale, they having moved back to the UK, so they were looking for someone to come out and play, and who better than that nice lady decorator, oh, and me.

La Kavanou and the Kashmir in Valbonne suffered the most from the whirlwind, if you discount the human cost, which I am counting (rather than discounting) slowly at the moment as I write this. Always great fun at the time, always a terrible hang over in the morning. We hatched a plan to go to Lou Fassum for lunch yesterday, but thankfully remembered a school appointment, so managed to escape the clutches of Hurricane Scott, at least for now. However, hurricanes can last for a number of days and develop alarmingly, and as the Scotts are here until Saturday, it may be a case of battening down the hatches or looking for a storm shelter.

Lin Wolff from the English Book Centre in Valbonne was the first to spot yesterdays deliberate mistake. I changed my mind about which picture I was going to use without changing the text, so here is the missing “octopus of an oak tree”. I blame the Scotts, even although they had not arrived by the time I posted yesterdays column.

About £1000 worth of firewood if I had my way

Tonight sees the Media night at the 4EDHEC Business School, 400 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, where a presentation on social networking will be given by angloinfo founder Mike Haradcre (with a k). He will of course be wearing his social media crocs (emblazoned with a TWITter logo perhaps?) and we should praise the lord that he is not lecturing on dress sense, otherwise the fashion police would be in for a busy night. Actually, I am meeting him at church in Valbonne tomorrow, so with luck he will not have seen this by then. Regular readers will know that I will expect also to see my style guru Mr Humphries (if he is free), so that I will know what to wear with my crocs this week.

On Friday evening I must journey down to Theoule Sur Mer to the wonderful Marco Polo restaurant on the beach to a birthday party bash given by my mysterious Persian friend Joseph, and I have been wondering what I should purchase as a present. I wonder if Mike Hardacre (with a k) would suggest, any guesses?

The REGS are playing on Saturday at the fantastic Four Seasons resort Terre Blanche on Saturday, but sadly I am unable to be there, so if you are reading this and you are signed up to play, take your umbrella and expect it to rain.

Chris France

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