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Banjo in new Korea?

February 7, 2011

Sunday is a day if rest for most people, but I hardly know what rest is. Being away in Limone in Italy for some skiing from tomorrow until Thursday may seem like an idyllic existence to some, but consider the problems that are posed by being absent from the family home for a few days; children need to be at school, blogs have to be pre-written, my networking activities for Currencies Direct need to be martialed and lots of other things need to be organised, although I can’t think of them immediately. Anyway, because of the intensity of my planning abilities, that was all taken care of in about ten minutes.

I mention network activities, because that is exactly what they are, despite the serious misgivings of my accountant. Amongst those activities is playing golf. Not because I want to play golf you understand, but because it is work, as I am actively seeking customers by networking in this way and I am happy to say the results are good. Tennis, lunching, attending restaurants, walking (well this is stretching it a bit) are all bone fide business activities in my book, and my monthly expenses claim supports this. It is fair to say that my accountant has a different book from which he reads, and a healthy exchange of views occurs regularly without a successful conclusion ever being reached.

Then, with the weather back to its Cote d’Azur best, consideration was given yesterday to having the first barbecue of the season. This idea was inspired by friend Josef’s comment yesterday wondering what had happened to Banjo the bonkers bonehead of a cocker spaniel and asking if he had been barbecued. This seems to me a rather appealing idea but one I suspect that nice lady decorator may over rule. Oh to live in Korea.

Instead, we took off for the hills aiming at the ancient tucked away village of Cipieres, on the way up to Greoliere, north of Gurdon. We were in search of a walk followed by lunch which we found very successfully as my picture below shows with lunch taken at Les Ormeaux in the ancient square the village.

walking above Cipieres in the foothills of the southern Alps


Lunch outside in the ancient centre in shirt sleeves was sublime with my lapin mijote with mushrooms and a light mustard sauce being really good. Yes, I thought mijote was a rare and local Provencal herb, but it turns out to be a way of slow cooking the rabbit. What was even more rewarding was that Banjo, the despicable dog owned by that nice lady decorator got nothing of it, despite spending a full hour licking his lips in expectation. I often do the same in different circumstances but that’s another story.

Finally, I received a Facebook message from Lin Wolff, owner of the English Book Centre in Valbonne, finally succumbing to the power of this column and demanding to be represented here. She rightly praises the journalistic integrity that is illustrated by my refusal to mention my ulterior motives in respect of my work with Currencies Direct

Chris France
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  1. Pinman permalink
    February 7, 2011 5:33 pm

    “bone fide business activities”

    Is this a new venture into catering for canines ??


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