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Lawyer to get legal?

January 24, 2011

I had some feedback from my lawyer (who after a few drinks turns into his alter ego jewish northern comedy lawyer he calls Alan Yiddley) about my use yesterday of the word irony. That nice lady decorator believes that irony is the state of mind you reach when you feel able and willing to attack the pile of ironing (with her new I-ron), but my lawyer professed some hurt at yesterday’s entry surrounding the irony of me taking him to dinner despite his enormous fees. The laws of libel were discussed and if you notice any amendment to yesterdays piece then you will know what has happened, I will have received a letter from lawyers acting for my lawyer..

So, the first day of MIDEM is over, and so far injuries are light, some damage to the liver, some reddening of the eyeballs and a dull nagging headache (actually nagging headache could be a good description of that nice lady decorator on her off days), but still there is that familiar mixture of excitement and foreboding for the days ahead.

Today’s photo is taken from the train on my way into Cannes to work. I do hope it does not offend all my friends back in England.

Back to work again, I do so hate the commuter life style

Lunch must be taken on the beach if its sunny during MIDEM, its the law, and as I consider myself broadly a law-abiding citizen, I felt I must obey. Rado Plage is my personal favorite and as always it was exemplary, the Coquilles St Jaques in orange butter with a puree of 4 vegetables was wonderful, in fact here a picture of it;

The MIDEM version of the works canteen

There were so many new music business customers for Currencies Direct, delighted at the prospect of robbing the banks of the 3-5% they customarily take on poor exchange rates, that I can’t count them.

After a long hard days slog, I was looking forward to getting back and putting my feet up ready for Today, but that nice lady decorator had other ideas and I was not even allowed to go home, my instructions were to go to the Thornton Allans for drinks. This of course extended into more drinks and eventually it was midnight before I retired. I suggested (incautiously) that I was getting a little old to be burning the candle at both ends, and predictably I was described a s boring old fart and told there would be plenty of time to sleep when I am dead. She has such a gentle touch with language, it is so heart warming.

Just three more days to go, and a Burns Night to go to on Tuesday means I already feel no benefit from the 4 day fast that I withstood last week, so head down and roll on Thursday, when I am going to be beaten up metaphorically by three girls in the Riviera Woman’s Chatroom.

Chris France
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