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Magnanimous in victory, surly in defeat

January 21, 2011

Yesterday was my first tennis outing of the year, with my fellow mustachioed old git (“mog”), the wingo, as my doubles partner at La Vignale, a tennis club near Plascassier run by the most miserable old matriarch I have ever come across. It could be such a good club, but frankly it is not.

The Mogs were as usual in the ascendency winning the first set of the year 6-0 before the impressive air of superiority underlined by my partners (very considerable) presence at the net was slightly undone by the fact that his newly vast presence was a little slower after an initial burst of activity. The wingo always lunches well, and has a prodigious appetite for red wine, often of dubious quality. In fact, it is quantity rather than quality that moves him, but I fear the recent festive season has see him reach new heights, or rather new circumferences, and as a result his movement became a little restricted.

Whilst I treat my body as a temple and I am currently at worship, at least until this evening, the trouble with not drinking means that you tend not to go out, and then nothing happens and then I have a blog to write, but the wingco and our now to be regular opponents Greg from Cote d’Azur Villas and young whippersnapper Milstead have given me something to write about. I am sure they are licking their wounds and I suspect not enjoying reading here about their thrashing. Magnanimous in victory, surly in defeat, I want this put on my grave.

My picture today is of the lovely Auberge De Provence in the square at Valbonne, nestling in the winter sunshine. English residents, please note the tables set for lunch outside…

Close to lunchtime in Valbonne square

With MIDEM upon us, and my work with Currencies Direct this week to the fore, and with my meetings starting in an impressive way at The Carlton in Cannes this evening, music is upper most in my mind. There was a time when I licensed a live Gary Glitter recording, in the days before his rather unpleasant sexual tastes became widely known, but now I hear that instead of making music he spends much of his time as a fan of Aston Villa, who have in their line up Young and Bent.

The NRJ Awards on Saturday are staged in Cannes and televised live on prime time on French TV (if such a concept exists in France; if you have seen French TV you will know what I mean) . Amongst the artists appearing are the Black Eyed Peas and James Blunt but I am more interested in seeing The Guillemots at the British At Midem Talent Night at The Martinez on Monday. In the past, I have been lucky enough to see early performances by Amy Winehouse (before she found gin) Tori Amos and Jamie Cullum, but the two highlights over the years were The Stranglers (whom I once had booked in 1977 at The Swan in Leighton Buzzard before the ballroom was condemned 6 days before) and an ageing but still fantastic James Brown with the full band about 15 years ago. So onwards and upwards, fresh from a week of abstinence….

Chris France
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