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Kentucky Fried Chicken shock

January 17, 2011

I trust that tonight, after our return from gloomy and inhospitable London where we have been attending The France Show, that my sleeping patterns will not be enlivened by that Nice lady decorator falling out of bed, drunk as was the case last night.

So determined was she that I see the results of her shopping frenzy yesterday that, upon reaching the bedroom at some time after 2am (I had retired hurt myself after a long day of Currencies Direct missionary work at The France Show. This concept, of leaving a gathering before the last person has left, being thrown our or before the wine is exhausted is an alien concept to her) that I was awoken in order to have explained to me rather volubly, no that is too polite, excitedly, loudly and incoherently the various virtues of the many items that she had purchased. Not only that, but he wanted to invite Linda Robertson, her drinking party, in to see the purchases, but as I was naked I managed to avoid that particular danger area.

This was a triple whammy for me. First I am woken up with a start, secondly, I am made to confront the financial implications of letting that nice lady decorator loose in London with my credit card, and finally I am subjected to drunken droolings over the “very wise” purchases she had made. I say very wise in inverted comments as it is a statement with which I have little or no empathy, perhaps subjective is the right expression.

Then, her falling out of bed some 20 minutes after the enthusiasm for her buying up most of the clothing stock in Regents Street had waned sufficiently for her to consider sleep, was, as you can imagine, not entirely welcomed by me.

My picture today of Otway was taken last May at the Oxford May Day Festival

My old lunatic pal John Otway in typical pose

After a final days tireless efforts to educate people buying houses in France to use the almost philanthropic services of Currencies Direct, I meet up with all pal and rock n roll legend John Otway to discuss his next doubtlessly doomed plan for world rock and roll domination. My last conversations with him last year revolved around a plan to get himself elected as the next entrant for Song For Europe. This is a concept to which I was irresistibly drawn like a moth to a flame with almost entirely the same outcome, ie considerable effort taking the shape of going round and round in ever decreasing circles whilst drawn to something that looked wonderful before crashing and burning spectacularly. I am talking about his idea for the world tour with a difference, taking your fans with you, at £3000 a pop, but this magnificent wheeze was ultimately too difficult to achieve. At least the efforts regarding Song For Europe involved me in no work before being abandoned, but more of thi tomorrow. I want to leave you today with this; who was it that having been to a wedding party on Saturday night, and having not eaten, discovered a large box of Kentucky Fried Chicken in their room? Only when they found some remnants of their late night meal actually in the bed did they recall the drunken solution to their late night hunger. I cannot for reasons of delicacy, reveal the names of these miscreants, but if anyone at the France Show caught the unmistakable whiff of Kentucky Fried Chicken near Pippa Maille French Business Development Manager for Currencies Direct, they should not have been surprised.

Chris France
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