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Resolution? no new years resolutions

January 2, 2011

New years resolutions, what is the point? An old friend told me on New Years Eve that wishing someone Happy New year meant one of two things, either, you hope they had a better year next year than last year, implying that the last year has been crap,  or you are commiserating that finally the last year with trials and tribulations are over for another year. my one resolution is more of a wish than a resolution.  It concerns Banjo the cruddy cantankerous canine, but if I reveal what I hope to achieve it may not come true.

As regular readers will know, I am reporting to you at present from La Rosiere in the Alps, having been invited there for a few days whilst the weather on the cote d’Azur undergoes some urgent remedial work. Someone mentioned a drag lift today and it got me thinking. A drag lift must be a hard cross to bear. A drag would normally be considered as a downer, unless of course spliff was involved. Otherwise the phrase drag lift has obviously dodgy undertones. Why can’t they be called uplifts?
A champagne breakfast at a nearby apartment allows that nice lady decorator to get an early taste for favourite tipple. However when returning to our apartment to collect gloves hats etc, she confidently led me to an identical apartment but on a different floor from our apartment. When the key would not work in the lock she accused the authorities of changing not only the locks but the name of the apartment, before I gently pointed out her mistake.

My picture today is inevitably of the snow, but with a difference. it is clearly so cold in Yorkshire from where these people undoubtedly originate, that the appearance of sun has made it so comparatively warm up here that they decided to forgo normal skiing gear.

The young of Yorkshire at play in summer conditions


I suggested to the nice lady decorator that as she spent some of her formative years in destitution in Yorkshire, that she may wish to emulate their behaviour, but was treated to the laser beam stare for which she is justly renowned.

Today the last day of skiing, but I hear that the weather has undergone its makeover so I can return in the certainty that sunshine will prevail until April at least.

The New Years Eve celebrations were marred by a french DJ deciding to play what he wanted rather than the revellers choice. This was after a rather good salad perched and a slightly less interesting fillet. Thus we adjourned back to someone apartment, all suffering from a surfeit of glitter which was shed like dandruff from the silly party hats with which we were provided, where we managed to reduce considerably the champagne stocks we had brought with us.

Lunch was taken on a sunny terrace at L’Ancoli on the French side where we had a very acceptable assiette de la montage and settled into some half decent red wine from where I am now writing this.

Chris France

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