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Blogging; An Author Speaks

October 30, 2010

Church at Cafe Latin was sparsely attended this week,  it seems that the half term break has caused some major backsliding.  What are people doing, having a holiday?  Don’t They know that if they live in this area their whole life is a holiday? Admittedly I was a bit late, but not so late that I did not spy Mr Humphries (he was free) scurrying away with his delicious wife Helen as I arrived. I caught him for long enough for him to say it was pure coincidence that his departure coincided with my arrival, but I hear from other worshippers that he kept his coat on all morning, a sure sign of attempted blog avoidance, and, at the same time covering up whatever sartorial sins he had committed beneath that mac he was wearing.

The lovely Lucy from Red Radish is running the Nice marathon this weekend and is looking for raise money for cancer research. I have donated £20 (28 Euros at today’s Currencies Direct exchange rate and no bank charges) so I expect all my readers to do the same.

My picture today was taken by that nice lady decorator and seems to me to be a rather stark put down of us bloggers.  Actually I like to be described as a writer, especially as I am now being (rather badly) paid for writing articles crucial to the continued success of Cote D’Azur Villa Rentals and Blue Water Yachting, and better still if the book deal comes off that I am negotiating then I will become “an author”


Note the table is roped off. Is that to keep non bloggers out or bloggers in?


Today, by the time that you lucky chaps who have the weekend off read this, I will be down the motorway to La Motte to meet up with the usual suspects peddling their wares or more likely their services to the impoverished population of the Var.  I say impoverished because I don’t know anyone who would willingly live in the Var rather than live around Valbonne, so it must just be a financial thing.  I would say though, that it is a much better place to live than jolly old England, especially in November, my least favourite month. Anyway, it is my lot to go to La Motte.  The Best of British In The Var takes place tomorrow and my presence is required to soothe the frenzy that will doubtless commence as soon as my new disciples of Currencies Direct see the light and are cured.

In order to arrive in good stead for tomorrow, last night I ventured out to the new wine bar in Valbonne, which is called Kavanou.   The lovely proprietor is not yet aware of how this column can make or break her commercial enterprise, but I shall be doing the best to persuade her that in future I should be supplied with all merchandise and wine free of charge in return for a positive review.  However, I suspect she has heard that kind of bullshit before…however, I will wait in hope, before giving the thumbs up.

Chris France

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