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Gary Glitter to help Chile minors?

October 15, 2010

As I skipped around the Valmasque forest in my shorts yesterday morning in the sunshine, It was impossible to imagine the change that will occur in a few short hours today when I will fly to Stansted this afternoon. My picture today was taken yesterday morning.


The Valmasque forest, bathing in the sunshine


Will the plane be fitted with skis? Or can a passenger jet land on tundra? All I have to look forward to is seeing and of course photographing what Mr Humphreys (he’s free) will be wearing this morning at Cafe Latin. My bet is for something pink and cashmere, but we shall see.

I hear from famous local estate agent Cubby Wolf from Riviera Realty in Valbonne, my worst Currencies Direct affiliate, providing us with exactly no customers in his one year since his forced affiliation. We are invited to dinner at his house up in the hills on Saturday but commuting from Stansted is not an option.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the invitation was issued in the full knowledge that we are in UK, which I can say without offending him mainly because he does not read this column.

Having stayed teetotal all week (with only very minor aberrations) in readiness for my cholesterol test, I last night searched for the blood test prescription for the test ordered by Dr Patrick. This was the only reason I had been teetotal, but it was only at 10.30pm last might I realised I had mislaid it, so cannot have the test. Three long days of suffering for nothing! In truth the prescription was issued in June, but I just haven’t quite gotten around to it, what with social occasions crowding details like little medical tests out. Now I will have to identify another 3 days where we are doing nothing in order to have another go. Sometime in February perhaps?

Yesterday afternoon to Cannes in the car, the trains being affected by the on going French pass time of strikes, but with the hood down cruising along the Croisette, I once again took to my heart that life could be worse than this. I could be a Chilean minor with only Gary Glitter ready with a big elliptical object ready to save me.

The meeting was successful and Cannes Property Office have now joined the growing throng of missionary affiliates ready to keep spreading the word that is Currencies Direct. How very wise of them.

I hear that the first snow of winter has fallen in the Southern Alps, which is earlier than usual and I hope bodes well for the forthcoming season. I consider myself a decent skier, on the mould of Killy, but my son (who is a brilliant skier) thinks of me more in terms of Eddie the Eagle. I am hurt but am prepared to concede that the moustache is similar.

The cricket fans amongst you will like me be delighted to see The Australians being humiliated by India in the past few days. That means they have lost their last 3 Test Matches. I still hear Australian commentators suggesting a 5- 0 whitewash this winter, but I don’t think we will win all the tests.

Chris France

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  1. MikeP permalink
    October 15, 2010 9:18 am

    Since political correctness or indeed any form of sensitivity is clearly not a requirement to contribute to this column, I can probably get away with saying that I hear that a certain Mr. Gadd (aka. Gary Glitter) is about to make a new film, although my sources do not tell me whether minors or miners are involved, but it is to be called : “Oh, She’s Eleven!”

    I also hear that someone who placed an advert on a certain well known local forum asking if she could borrow a book has been banned from said forum from doing so. Is it illegal to borrow books? Maybe someone can explain as I no longer bother asking these people questions as the answers, if they deign to reply, are evasive and meaningless.

    Also worth pointing out that there is another Quiz night tonight at Brittains, and without giving too much away, I can reveal that there will be a question about minors ….. sorry …. miners, and that the best fish and chips in France are on the menu. Please book your table direct with the restaurant on 04 93 12 03 97.


    • October 19, 2010 4:25 pm

      glad you have spotted the lack of political correctness1 Love the Oh She’s eleven, could be using that soon!


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