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Bluebell in Cannes 10km run triumph

September 20, 2010

Cannes in September is perfect, sunshine, warm, bustling. We are in Cannes to celebrate Lucy from red radish coming in 13th in the 10km run.  I came in 3rd in Bluebell the camper van.  It was a nice run around Cannes despite a few hills but Bluebell dealt with it very well.

So with the excitement of the race over and the time approaching 12.00,  the sun is over the yard-arm so a little cafe in the old town served that nice lady decorator a glass of Sancerre whilst I partake of a pression, Pink Floyd is playing and in the background so all is good in the world.

The fruit and flower market in Cannes is buzzing as is the Cafe de la Marche where we meet Wayne from FR2day and Lucy plus several others. The place is jammed, no chance of anywhere to sit or even stand, but within 10 minutes Wayne, with a mixture of wit, charm and old-fashioned east-end menace had successfully secured a table where we enjoy several (try 8?) bottles of Cote de Gascoigne, that Paul obviously missed when he was down here. The idea was to have a couple of drinks and then wend our way down for a beach restaurant afternoon and a sit in the sun.

But Le Cafe De La Marche, which also doubles as a wine shop was such fun that we left only when chucked out art 4pm. It seemed right and proper then, after stocking up on some carbs at Cafe Roma,  to finish the day with a pint of Guinness at Morrisons Irish Bar in Cannes.

Much discussion occurs about the popes visit to England. Several very unsavoury jokes emerged but sadly I had imbibed in sufficient quantity
to be unable to recall the details, however I know a pediatric ward was involved in one of the most tasteless tall stories, I just wish I could remember, the early part of Alzheimer’s is very hard to bear.

After I had tidied up that nice lady decorator (by which I mean I had guided her to her boudoir with a vat of wine on board), things quietened down to something approaching normal. But what is normal? Is it normal to come home to find the butter gone and an evil cocker spaniel pretending innocence and licking his lips in a most irritation fashion?  I swear if I find evidence that it was him, I am going to get that correctional collar uprated from stun to paralyse.

So after a whirlwind weekend, that normality that I have begun to crave may descend at least for the next to days as we must regroup for our trip to London on Wednesday, where it will be incumbent upon us to ensure that Fullers London Pride is still up to the highest standards. Hotel kindly provided by Currencies Direct with whom I shall visit the France Show at Olympia on Friday.  The winter packing to negate the English weather has to be done, so I will try to find some long trousers and jumpers for what, despite what I saw on Sky this morning, will doubtlessly be a cold and uncomfortable 3 days in London.

Chris France

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