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Left meets right in cricket shocker

August 12, 2010

Newby Park in Yorkshire was the scene of yet another cricketing triumph yesterday, where The Lords Taverners of Yorkshire beat the Lords Taverners from Newcastle, New South Wales in part of the Golden Oldies Cricket Festival. Beating any Australians at cricket will always have a special place in my heart, and the game was watched by former England cricket Captain Ray Illingworth.

A great treat to play with loads of fascinating people. Fraser Hines, the actor of Emmerdale Farm and Dr Who fame (he tells me is was the longest-serving companion in the series), who is 66, going in 19 was in the team. His enthusiasm for the game is surpassed by his ability to play it by the largest margin of anyone I have ever played with, but such a  splendid eccentric thespian that he is, he was much appreciated by his team mates.

Bob Holland, who was a leg spinner for Australia was also in our opponents team. This of course means nothing to those who don’t understand that cricket if the finest game known to man, but to those that have seen the light it was special.

My first picture today shows the great leveler that cricket can be. Julien Dismore, TV producer for ITV, National Geographic, Sky etc, well-known left-wing political firebrand, recently canvassing in the General Election for his brothers attempt to secure Hendon for the Labour Party, is asked to open the batting with Nigel Adams, the new Conservative MP for Selby and Ainsty. Both are reputedly of the opinion that this picture does immense damage to their individual political reputations.

Julien Dismore on the right, Tory MP Nigel Adams on the left. neither would appreciate the description of their positioning in this photo!

The second picture graphically illustrates the sartorial elegance of the Australians. Obviously where they live, sun glasses (which are rarely required in Yorkshire) are a necessity, and can take many and varied forms. However this chap, a member of the visiting Australian team seems to have some link with Dame Edna Everage. As Rolf Harris famously remarked “can you see what it is yet?”

The grandfather of Dame Edna?

An evening of cricketing nostalgia with “Aggers”  from Test Match Special and another former England Cricket captain, Chris Cowdray is followed by dinner at Brio in Harrogate, where I meet several other left-wing firebrands who are clearly at home in a fashionable up-market restaurant and do not see the irony of their presence in a capitalist fleshpot!

Despite my receiving Pasta with something described as “with Tuscan sausage”, I am firmly convinced that I have been slipped some tripe in tomato sauce. Also, those bitter chocolate biscuits had more than a hint of black pudding about them, thus my constitution today will no doubt suffer until the effects of this poisoning have worked their way through the system as it were.

Today I am going to continue my new trade as a writer. I shall need to be within dashing distance of a lavatory, and in any event the weather is far too bad to venture out, so I shall sit by my hosts peat fire and dream of the sunshine that awaits me when I return to France from Saturday onwards.

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  1. Pinman permalink
    August 12, 2010 10:55 am

    What part did you actually play in this triumph ? With your two short legs and standard middle stump, did you bowl a maiden over or were you just your usual self, somewhere betweeen backward square and silly mid off ??


    • August 17, 2010 1:34 pm

      I don’t think you you will ever understand cricket. 5 not out does not sound a lot, but when one is at the crease negotiating the the final overs, a sense of calm and superiority is required. They had that but we still won!


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