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Bedroom Crocs horror – I name the guilty man

June 26, 2010

To Hotel Aston in Nice last night for the Riviera Business Club summer party where I meet Mike Hardacre (with a k as he will no doubt irritably point out again), co founder of Anglo Info once again wearing his inevitable crocs.

I suggest that I have never seen him wear anything but crocs – those peculiar “shoes” that look like a cross between a Dutch clog and a surgical slipper, and he agrees and admits under questioning that when recently presenting an award at a glittering black tie event at the Cafe De Paris in Monte Carlo, that he was wearing his “dress” crocs.

I suggest that there may be occasions when more appropriate attire might be more suitable, but he looks back blankly at me.  Spurred on by champagne I ask if he ever wears anything else on his feet and he says no, he always wears them.  At this moment in the discussion we are joined by his wife Ann, the joint co-founder of Anglo Info, so I rather dangerously asked her if he had “bedroom” crocs?  Answer came their none, but from his lovely wife’s reaction I think I know the answer…the possibilities for such sartorial deviancy for “Bedroom crocs” leaves me momentarily breathless, do they have his and hers versions? perhaps his have little red horns on them?

Golf crocs? tennis crocs? skiing crocs? mountaineering crocs? whatever next?

Much talk of football, the French are appalled, the Dutch elated, the English expecting to have to fight them on the beaches again (The Germans), and lose on a penalty shoot out again. Myself I would be happy to get as far as penalties, as England has been so poor in this tournament that the USA, Algeria and even the Isle Of Dogs would be unhappy not to beat them.

So,  looking forward to this afternoon and evening when I shall be barman at the Mougins School Summer Fair postponed from last Saturday.  To be that side of a bar will be unusual for me in recent years, the resident plasterer often accuses me of being a good guest at my own parties, but I am looking forward to re-living those days in the 1970’s when staging gigs at The Hunt Hotel in Leighton Buzzard, when I was earning a percentage of the bar take! Boy was I quick then!

Tomorrow,  golf with the Landlubbers group, that has recently swelled to 20+, this time at Opio Valbonne, also known as Chateau Begude with amongst others Dave the Fade, Steve the Sheep, Dave the gruff Northerner and Mick “German shooting trousers” Pedley.

Afterwards we are all invited to a barbecue and to watch the football at Maria’s so I show the only picture of her that I have.

Trust we wont be barbecuing the pecker?

So as you can see from this photo, this will be a calm and reserved event with no expectations of new material for this column,  just certainty.

The week ahead is my last week before I am banished to dank and dreary England, but fear not, I shall continue to report daily although I cannot promise the events will be so exciting as when living in Valbonne.

But before I leave there are several diary items in prospect.  I am called to Monaco for important consultations on currency exchange on Monday, via Cannes Mandilieu where the lovely Christine at Chrisma Estate Agents has seen the light and will no doubt commence saving her foreign clients money almost immediately in return for lavish coverage in this tome.  Payola I hear you cry, and you would be right, but I prefer to think of it as merely a  sensible business arrangement with the added bonus of knowing you are doing good in the community.

Chris France

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  1. MikeP permalink
    June 26, 2010 5:50 pm

    I suspect that Mike ‘Hardacre’ might be less concerned about his name being mangled and your comments on his (admittedly peculiar) footwear, than about the fact that you seem to have attributed a new wife to him. As for ‘crocs’, or flatdogs as we used to call them in Rhodesia, I only realised how much one of my ex-girlfriends hated me when she bought me a pair.


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