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House Guests Trail of carnage ends

June 10, 2010

The last supper, well lunch, was the usual good solid meal one associates with the Auberge St Donat, 5 courses with frankly as much wine as you can drink, but all I can focus on is that, after a week of serious liver abuse, house guests the Savins are going home! Yet again someone has filled up my bottle recycling box – which has had to be emptied twice on some days recently –  and I am beginning to think that in some way The Savins are involved.  Once I have a day without alcohol,  the mists may clear and I may understand how this happens, in the meantime I need closed circuit TV to spot the culprits. And talking of culprits, we are joined at lunch by wing commander Spensley, erstwhile tennis partner, a.k.a 118 senior, the older part of the mustachioed old gits as we are sometimes collectively known. He is in good form, and despite protesting that he “can’t have a big one as he has work to do” manages to pack away enough red wine to make a dent in the european wine lake, if such a thing still exists. Actually its a moot point, can one make a dent in a lake? And as if he was not content with drowning in wine, he later decided to wear some of it as 1 of my pictures today shows; 

Wing Commander Spensley doing a very good Peter Lynn impersonation


He confirms that he will never read this blog despite the fact that all his family do, which of course leaves an open opportunity for abuse from me. Personally I have no problem with his haircut, which I have very kindly edited out to avoid embarrassment.  It can of course never be affected by the wind, being sleek and no doubt wind tunnel tested and thus so precise that someone more mischievous that I might suggest that it is glued in position, I swear I saw that inveterate waterer of all things fake, Janie Savin, reach for the water several times during lunch, and I am certain I overheard her asking for a sprinkler, I do hope mildew will not be a lasting problem!
And so later to Nice for a Currencies Direct affiliation presentation, where I meet once again the lovely Janey and Mira from Friend In France plus several other now well-informed future affiliates. Janey tells me that I have created a persona for her that does not exist,  but I say if the cap fits….then drinks on the terrace of Hotel Aston, with views of the sea.  A brief stop in Waynes bar and then home.
I am sent a rather juvenile picture, shown below,  of an elderly gentleman wearing what appears to be a 10 euro note stuck to his forehead. 

Grandpa Savin reverting to childhood

I have heard that this rather futile gesture has something to do with celebrating victory at golf rather gratuitously, but how one can win when taking more shots than your opponent, when the whole idea of golf is to take less shots to complete the course, defeats me (not that I admit to ever having been defeated). I am afraid that the higher mathematics used to calculate this are beyond me.
More gruelling gravelling (nice alliteration)? (no Paul, it is not a collective noun for alligators) today will be followed by a surprise event this evening and preparations for golf on Friday with diminutive and rather stupidly named Dilip Soni, John O Sullivan (guess the nationality?)  and his guest. Said preparations must be serious as the trophy “Tracy” will be up for grabs. 

Chris France 

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Best French Riviera Property Agent? 

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  1. Pinman permalink
    June 10, 2010 12:45 pm

    “More gruelling gravelling “……………….

    Is that what the Irish worker does when they re-lay your driveway ? (” I have a load of grovel left from anodder job, sure I hev Sur “) !


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